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• 1/2/2019

The Mysterious Tweet Post

Surprisingly, this has yet to be addressed here. The title says it all; let’s have a discussion about the twenty-fifth (and final) tweet post made as part of the Advent on The Twitter page.

For those who have not seen this post, a silhouette of a characters profile is shown, with the caption “do you think that this person will return too?” [1].

Many people (myself included) immediately thought of Jeff Tracy. However, the use of the phrase “return too” is open to interpretation, with one view being from the series’ viewpoint, which is Jeff has not been in the series yet so he cannot “return too”.

Away from the theory of Jeff Tracy, there is still the unfinished story-arc centred around The Mechanic, a character whose face has only been seen once, which too was shown only as a profile”, so this could be coincidental, or not.

Of course, there is always the possibility that the one comment made that The Mechanic is Jeff Tracy holds some validity. But, if true, that would irritate many fans.

So, the question remains: Who is this mystery person?

[1]: The Twitter,
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• 12/29/2018

Redan Thunderbird Comics

Hi I am trying to purchase old comics for my autistic son who is fanatical about TBirds. We are looking for issues 76, 77 and 78 of the Redan comic series. I have tried to find them but no success can anyone help please?

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• 10/6/2018

Seeking Boeing 727 prop photo

I'm a scale modeller trying to find a clearer image of the Boeing 727 seen in several episodes. I always assumed it was B.A.O.C. as the letters on the red fuselage looked about right as it always seemed to be near their terminal. However I just noticed the same prop appears in the Capt Scarlet episode 'Flight 104' seen parked at Geneva airport. Slightly clearer there the letters look more like K.*.Y.* or similar. Can anyone help?

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• 9/12/2018


Hi just asking what type of font did A.P films use for thunderbirds
(Pic below for reference)
Post image
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• 9/12/2018

Favourite Thunderbird

Hi just collecting information please contribute, and remember:
Thunderbirds are GO!
What your favourite Thunderbird
  • Thunderbird 5
  • Thunderbird 4
  • Thunderbird 3
  • Thunderbird 2
  • Thunderbird 1
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• 7/22/2018

I have a problem with the 2004 movie.

You all know that Alan's ship is Thunderbird 3. So since Alan is in boarding school in the movie.
Who pilots Thunderbird 3?
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• 7/13/2018
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• 7/13/2018

This is so true and hilarious. (^_^) But honestly why?
Memes Pinterest
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• 7/11/2018

Happy 93 birthday David Graham!

May you continue to grace us with your amazing voice talent for many more years to come!
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• 7/8/2018

How can I Help?

Hello wiki members. I have been on and off in the past but recently have decided to stay on for a while. I have been working through updating pages on organisations and vehicles. I have also been creating new pages such as Air Terrainean (TB2015). I would love to do more work in these fields (Atlantic Airways, Split tail aircraft, updating vehicle photo and secondary vehicle information...) Please let me know where I am of best use. Thanks.
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• 6/14/2018


Another post from me but I'm not going to blab on about some silly speculation (Not really speculation but I just felt like we need more alliteration). I'm trying to write a show for TB2015 that involves lady P, Colonel Casey, Parker and a guest star. I really need some help with the humour between Parker and Lady P and some things Lady P could say. I would also love jokes about the french made by British. I'm Australian so trying to write about British Aristocracy is pretty difficult. Thanks so much for your help if you have any questions please ask.
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• 6/14/2018


I feel like the GDF is turning into a laugh. I mean they kinda seem stupid. It's one of those "you had one job" moments. GDF are tasked with security and peace keeping, IR rescue people. So when IR are better than the GDF it's kind of making GDF look stupid and pointless. I also feel that the GDF are getting left out an awful lot and if we maybe included them a little (I'm talking to you writers) we could save them from further embarrassment
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• 6/12/2018

The unexplained hiatus of Thunderbirds Are Go! Season 3.

As many are aware, the third season of the show has taken an unexpected break. There have been no official comments regarding this, and so there are only rumours and speculation. Below are some of the possibilities as to why there is a break, and these have been from many forums on the line.

One possible reason for the hiatus could be due to the football world cup games, as several other scheduled TV shows have also been affected by this. This could result in a shorter-than-mid-season break (maybe five or six weeks) and then Episode 10 - Episode 13 could air, and then the mid-season break would take place.

Another possibility for the unexplained hiatus is to allow other the broadcast of the series to catch up to the position of the show in the UK, where the opening to each season and closure to the mid-season breaks haven't been consistent. However, this seems almost unheard of, and it is natural for a country owning a TV show to be ahead of other countries (The Big Bang Theory and The Game of Thrones are two prime examples).

Alternatively, the episode "Inferno" wasn't broadcast in the UK as it shared similarities to the Grenfell Tower incident, and was originally scheduled to be broadcast only a few months after the incident. Several unverified claims have been made that this episode will be included in broadcast syndication for Season 3, making Season 3 twenty-seven episodes, rather than the usual twenty-six, which could mean that Season three will have two breaks, i.e. a break now (nine episodes in) and a break between Episode 18 and Episode 19.

Speaking of this incident, The Grenfell Tower Inquiry is still in progress, and the next meeting is set for June 2018, and so it may be in the best interest to suspend the show for the meantime, as it may be frowned upon to broadcast a show which centres on fire, explosions, and people in grave danger needing urgent assistance at this time.

As stated at the outset of this post, there has been no official reason, and so everything above is pure speculation by users of the interwebs. However, it may be assumed that the mid-season break was planned to be between Episode 13 and Episode 14, as there have been several tweet-posts made regarding the music score to Episode 14.

Are there any more thoughts on this matter? Such as how a firm answer may be obtained. If anybody can positively confirm or deny what is going on, then, presumably, most that read this would be very grateful.
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• 5/17/2018

Scott's absence in Thunderbirds Are Go! Season 3.

Scott Tracy hasn't been seen (or even mentioned) in season 3 of Thunderbirds Are Go! since the two-part season opener, and he isn't listed as being one of the regular characters in episode eight or episode nine. As Scott is the leader of International Rescue, could his absence be foreshadowing the return of Jeff Tracy since, presumably, Scott will relinquish command of International Rescue to Jeff upon his return?
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• 5/11/2018

What would happen if someone finds out about International Rescue?

Like if Scott rescued his roommate or Gordon rescued his swim coach? And the person sees Scott's face or heard his voice. That person recognizes and knows them? What would happen? How would they react? If your best friend is a member of IR how would react to that?
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• 5/10/2018

How does Tracy Island get stuff like newspapers, letters, etc?

Jeff is always seen reading a newspaper but how do they get them every single day? Isn't IR supposed to be a secret organization? Also Tracy Island also a secluded place?
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• 4/9/2018

TAG toyline

Does anyone know whats happening with the toyline? Both the TAG official site and the Vivid toys page have dropped the links to the toys! There's a massive gap between what's shown in the show and what's available as a toy!
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• 3/21/2018

Character ages

Does anyone know how old each of the characters are on 'Thunderbirds Are Go!' ?
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• 3/21/2018

Wiki Help

I would like to help the wiki grow, specifically with the new Thunderbirds are Go! series. Is there anywhere I can start?
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• 3/17/2018


Hi all, I have tried to obtain 10 x 8 photo's of the Tracy Brothers but am having limited luck, I have 2 but does anyone know how I can get more for my collection, Regards
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