"Whatever happens, secrecy must be maintained at all costs."
— Scott Tracy

The technology at International Rescue is so insanely advanced that it could be dangerous in the wrong hands. The organisation keeps itself secret therefore, and disallowing the public to take pictures of them or the Thunderbirds is just one of the ways they do it. Sometimes they may even have to resort to deadly force if the participant won't co-operate. This page is a list of the attempts made by various people (most of all The Hood) to photograph International Rescue.

The Hood's Attempt at London AirportEdit

Through his psychic rapport with his half-brother, Kyrano, the Hood learns that International Rescue is ready to begin operations. Plotting to lure the International Rescue craft, he straps a bomb to the landing gear of the atomic-powered airliner Fireflash.

When Thunderbird 1 arrives at London Airport, the Hood disguised as a police officer takes photographs of Thunderbird 1. Spotted by the Automatic Camera Detector in Thunderbird 1, he flees with the police in hot pursuit, but they lose him on the M.1. Scott calls Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward who pursues the Hood in her Rolls-Royce (FAB 1) and on a quiet stretch of motorway, FAB 1's grille-mounted machine gun blows the Hood's car off the road and his pictures are ruined as the car crashes down an embankment.

Ned Cook's AttemptEdit

Following a rescue mission involving Thunderbirds 1 and 2 putting out a fire at an oil well, Scott's departure is delayed when he detects journalist Ned Cook filming the rescue nearby. While Virgil departs in Thunderbird 2, Scott pursues Ned's jeep and erases the film, acknowledging that Ned was just doing his job but stating that the organization must preserve its secrets.

The Hood's Attempt in The Mighty AtomEdit

The Hood had been invited to a demonstration of the "Mighty Atom" at a Government research unit. Disguised as Professor Langley, he used his hypnotic powers to overcome the demonstrator (Professor Holden) and the other guests. He then stole the device to photograph the control room of the new Saharan Atomic Station built in the Sahara Desert.

He plans to lure International Rescue and use the Mighty Atom to photograph the control cabins of the International Rescue craft, by setting off a fire in the manner of the one at the Australian plant.

When Thunderbird 2 arrives at the scene of the fire, on board is Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward who had begged Jeff Tracy to let her go along on the mission, the Hood sends in the Mighty Atom to photograph the controls but is furious when he later discovers that the robotic mouse has instead taken pictures of Lady Penelope screaming at it, its programming causing it to focus on photographing a moving figure rather than the immobile control systems.

In anger, the Hood then destroys the device.

The Hood's Attempt in Martian InvasionEdit

Having got Kyrano to turn off the Automatic Camera Detector, The Hood films the rescue (posing as Mr. Stutt), of the men trapped inside the water filled cave.

However, Scott and Virgil learned that he had been filming the rescue and pursued him to recover the film, eventually managing to stop him in his Jeep by creating a landslide. With the road now blocked, The Hood abandons his vehicle and escapes on foot into the trees.

The Hood was able to escape and steal a plane, but he unfortunately stole a craft that had been scheduled for repairs that he had little experience in, resulting in him crashing into the house of his current contact, 'General X', and the film being apparently destroyed in the resulting fire.

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