Even after fifty years, Thunderbirds Collectables are again being released, this time to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary on the first episode that was screened on British TV back in 1965, on the 30th of September.

Below is a list of products that have been released so far or are about to hit the market.

Trivia GameEdit

Trivia game

Thunderbirds classic fiftieth anniversary trivia board game. With questions from every episode, it’s the ultimate test of your true Thunderbird knowledge.

  • Released by Tactic.
  • Retail price £29.99

Thunderbirds 3D Chess GameEdit

Chess set

Limited edition, classic chess game with a Thunderbirds theme.

  • Possible release date: September 2015.
  • Released by Tactic.
  • Retail price £34.99

Thunderbird Board GameEdit

Board game

It as a ‘co-operative board game’ where the players get the chance to test their skills as members of International Rescue.

  • Released by Modiphius Entertainment UK.
  • Release date Autumn 2015.
  • Retail price £?

DVD Box SetsEdit

Australian box set

UK release of the classic box set in same format as previous editions. This comes with a bonus disc: Thunderbirds De-Classified.

  • Released by ITV Studios UK.
  • Release date 28th September 2015.
  • Retail price £18.00/£39.00

Australian release; same format as above. Includes bonus disc, Thunderbirds De-Classified.

  • Released by ITV Studios Australia
  • Release date August 2015
  • Retail price AU$37.99

Thunderbird Legal Tender Silver CoinsEdit

Head side

Common obverse

Limited edition, Fine silver proof coins (1 troy oz). Individually numbered certificate of authenticity, and the first ever Thunderbirds legal tender collectible release featuring the Thunderbirds fiftieth anniversary logo officially licensed Thunderbirds fiftieth anniversary coins. This is an ongoing set, and six have been known to be released.

  • Produced by: Royal Australian Mint.
  • Released for Niue Island (New Zealand).
  • Release date July 2015 (1st one)
  • Retail price £75.00, AU$115 each.

Haynes Thunderbirds Agents Technical ManualEdit

For further information on this release please see: Thunderbirds Manual (Agents' Technical Manual)

1,000 Piece JigsawEdit


There is a special edition fiftieth anniversary 1000 piece jigsaw. The image features eighteen different images that have been taking from the show and displayed in a montage display.

  • Released by Falcon de Luxe
  • Release date September 2015
  • Retail price £11.99

Jigsaw Box SetEdit


Three individual jigsaws in one box. Each measures 49cm x 35cm.

It has "Box One" on the lid, so expect other releases later on.

  • Released by Falcon de Luxe
  • Release date September 2015
  • Retail price £19.99

Thunderbirds 50 The Vault BookEdit

Celebrating 50 years of Thunderbirds with this book featuring never before photos from behind the scenes of not just Thunderbirds but all the other classic Gerry and Sylvia Anderson Supermarionation puppet shows.

  • Released by Marcus Hearn
  • Release date November 2015
  • Retail price £25.00

Planned releasesEdit

Other memorabilia is planned for later, although release dates and retail prices have not been announced.

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