In a French Casino, Lady Penelope spots a friend, the Duchess of Royston, playing roulette at another table.

The Precious PaintingEdit

The Duchess tells her that she has lost everything, except her precious Braquasso painting "Portrait of a Gazelle". Two crooks, Chandler and Brophy, overhear their conversation.

In Pursuit of a CrookEdit

Lady Penelope realizes that the table is fixed and causes a scene, but the crooked Casino Owner escapes with the Duchess's money. Parker takes chase in FAB 1, but the crooks manage to reach their hideout to complete their getaway

A Visit to Royston CastleEdit

Lady Penelope goes to The Duchess's Hotel and learns she has already left. Back in England, Lady Penelope visits the Duchess home (Royston Castle) and learns that the Duchess has been forced to put it up for sale.

The London Air DisplayEdit

Lady Penelope accompanies Jeff Tracy to the London Air Display, where they watch a demonstration by a WAF Wombat carrier aircraft.

Lady Penelope Takes Jeff to the Art GalleryEdit

Penelope takes Jeff to an art gallery to view the Duchess's painting. Jeff has an idea and visits Wilbur Dandridge in America.

The Braquasso Painting ArrangementEdit

Lady Penelope invites Dandridge to her home for a meeting with The Duchess of Royston, she will not sell at any price but agrees to a rental arrangement, insisting that she ferries the painting to New York herself.

A Farewell PresentEdit

Lady Penelope accompanies the Duchess to London International Airport and Before leaving for America on Fireflash, the Duchess receives a St Christopher brooch from Lady Penelope .

The Brooch was in fact a sophisticated homing device which enables Lady Penelope and Parker to track the Duchess after she is kidnapped by Chandler and Brophy.

Worrying TimesEdit

Tracking the Duchess from Creighton-Ward Manor, it's not long before Lady Penelope realize something is wrong and contact Jeff Tracy.

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