Jeff calls on the help of Lady Penelope when the crew of the Crablogger collapse, leaving the machine on a path of distruction.

Robotics InternationalEdit

Jeff apprises Lady Penelope of the situation, so she sets off for Robotics International in England, but she is unable to persuade the security guard to let her have the address of Jim Lucas, inventor of the Crablogger, so Parker uses a hypnotic ray on the guard while Lady Penelope plunders the personnel files. Having found the address card, they set off for Jim Lucas' home.

Delays Along The WayEdit

On he road to Iresham, Parker spots a car that has overturned in an accident, Lady Penelope instructs him to stop the car and give assistants. The Man is made comfortable and the emergency services called. Hearing the ambulance approaching they resume their journey.

Hazlemere Gardens in the Nick-of TimeEdit

Arriving at Jim Lucas' House, its late at night and the light are out, Parker picks the lock so Lady Penelope can get inside. Finding Jim and his wife fast asleep, she puts a gun to his head as he awakes. She tells him she wants the shutdown procedure of the Crablogger and records it on a voice recorder as he speaks. With the information safety stored on the machine, she used her tranquilizer gun and puts him back to sleep. The information is beamed up to John in Thunderbird 5.

Another successful mission for International Rescue!

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