The Martian Space Probe has fallen into the Allington River after it was too heavy a load for the Allington Suspension Bridge. The impact of hitting the riverbed has set off the automatic launch countdown, which will blow the rocket to pieces, inevitably killing the two astronauts (Frank and Bill Craddock) who are trapped in the command module. Thunderbird 1 arrives at the bridge closely followed by Thunderbird 2. Virgil releases Pod 4 and Gordon pilots Thunderbird 4 into the river to survey the wreckage. Gordon cuts through the debris with Thunderbird 4's lasers, while Virgil lifts the wreckage from the water with the Magnetic grabs. With time running out Brains suggests that Gordon should blow away the rest of the debris with missiles. The plan works and Gordon rams Thunderbird 4 into the MSP command module to knock it clear of the main craft. The module floats to the surface and is airlifted away from the danger zone by Thunderbird 2 with only thirty seconds to spare. The MSP launches from the riverbed and, after an erratic flight, explodes in mid-air.

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