The Air Mecha is a type of drone created by the Mechanic to aid him in his various operations. They are usually deployed from his larger machines to provide aerial support.



The Air Mechas made their debut in Earthbreaker. They were first launched by the Mechanic to short out the GDF Flyers that were interfering with his mining operation. When the Thunderbirds arrived on the scene, he launched them again to attack Thunderbird 2, forcing Virgil to hurry back to Tracy Island and make a crash landing. When Kayo confronted the Mechanic, he set a pair of drones who chased her throughout the vehicle. She managed to fend them off and eventually succeeded in destroying the Mechanic's Earthbreaker machine.

Escape ProofEdit

Air Mechas were deployed from the Antlion to deal with FAB 1 after the Antlion had stolen the Hood's cell from Parkmoor Scrubs. However, Parker managed to successfully evade the Mechas, much to the Hood's annoyance.


The Air Mechas are built to resemble flying robotic insects. They fly using their four wings and have six legs with an insect shaped head. Their chassis sports a primarily orange, grey and black colour scheme. Each drone is a bit bigger than a full grown human, though they can easily circulate indoors as well as outdoors. However, their strength lies in speed and agility. Otherwise they are rather fragile. Kayo managed to disable one with a single high powered blow.


The Air Mechas are equipped with the following features:

  • Flight: They can fly at high speed and with great manoeuvrability thanks to their insect-like wings.
  • Taser: The robots have an electrified appendage on their head that they use short-circuit aircraft controls, crippling them. They can also be used to intercept missiles or electrocute human targets.

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