The Air Sea Rescue Boat was a vehicle used in Operation Crash-Dive and The Man From MI.5.

Operation Crash-DiveEdit

It was used in "Operation Seahawk" during the hunt for the crashed airliner Fireflash 3; however, the operation was called off when nothing was found.

The Man From MI.5Edit

The air sea rescue boat was repainted with the words "Coastal Patrol" on its hull and used in the French Riviera scene.

Carl had planted a radio-controlled bomb in the Boat House in which Lady Penelope was tied up. The plan was to detonate the bomb, as the Coastal patrol boat passes, as to create a diversion, while he and his gang make their escape in a Mini-Sub.


  • The Air Sea Rescue Boat model was built using a Vosper Triple-screw Yacht toy made by Victory Industries.
  • The same model also appeared in the later series "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" and "Joe 90", with various modifications.

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