Equipment & Vehicles
Air Sea rescue Helicopter
Air-sea rescue helicopter
Type: Twin-Rotor Helicopter
Affiliation: Air-Sea Rescue
Appearances: Give or Take a Million
Thunderbirds Are Go (film)

The Air Sea Rescue helicopters appeared in the movie Thunderbirds Are Go, and in Give or Take a Million.


Thunderbirds Are GoEdit

When the first Zero X spaceship got into trouble, two of them were dispatched towards the location where it was expected to crash.


Gum card

Give or Take a MillionEdit


Give or Take a Million

The same type of helicopter was also seen in Give or Take a Million. It appeared on live television as it was delivering the final stage of the "Christmas Rocket" to the launch site on the roof of Harman's store.


  • One Air Sea Rescue helicopter later appeared in the Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons episode Place of Angels.

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