Alan's new pet
"You always said how nice it would be to have a pet..." - Tin-Tin Kyrano
Alan Tracy's pet alligator was a gift from Tin-Tin, for his 22nd birthday.

Later, 'Gator...Edit

Near the end of the episode Attack of the Alligators!, Tin-Tin appears in the Tracy Villa lounge, having just returned from a shopping expedition to the mainland. A very tired Scott, Virgil and Alan are there (along with Jeff), having only just returned from their latest rescue: facing alligators grown to monstrous size, in South America...

She tells Alan, "I've got something for you..."

"Something? For me?" he pipes up, hopefully.

"I know it's not your birthday until tomorrow, but come and see what I've brought back for you..." and - as the room reacts to her saying the mysterious "something" is in the bathroom - she leads him there, having bid him close his eyes...

25 bathroom

Can I look yet?

When he opens them, he finds there's - an alligator (sporting a festive red bow), in the bath-tub! Tin-Tin explains it's a special type of pygmy alligator, and is already full-grown. "It's just what I've always wanted," he sighs, "a cute little alligator..."


Alan's stuffed alligator


  • The "alligator" is, in fact, a baby crocodile.
  • What became of it, is unknown. It's worth noting, though, that in the movie Thunderbirds Are Go, a stuffed alligator is seen on the floor of Alan's bedroom!