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This is a list of the missions that Alan Tracy took part in.

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Sun ProbeEdit

Thunderbird 3, with Alan, Scott and Tin-Tin on board, is launched into space in a attempt to reach the Sun Probe rocket. Alan's first attempt to reach the probe with the safety beam fails and he and Scott realize that Thunderbird 3 must go much closer to the sun than originally planned. This beam succeeds in activating the Probe's retros and enables it to move away from the Sun, but Thunderbird 3's retros now fail. Brains realizes that he can jam Thunderbird 3's safety beam signal with the mobile Transmitter Truck, but this requires a complex calculation by the prototype robot Braman.

Vault of DeathEdit

Alan travels with Virgil on board Thunderbird 2, when Lambert is trapped inside the Bank of England's vault

Operation Crash DiveEdit

Move - And You're DeadEdit

Main article: Trapped On A Bridge

The Perils Of PenelopeEdit

Virgil Tracy, Gordon Tracy and Alan arrive at Anderbad in Thunderbird 2, meeting up with Parker in FAB 1. Realizing that Lady Penelope has gone missing, Virgil and Gordon set off into the tunnel on the Monobrake. As the Anderbad Express approaches, the brothers discover Godber's hideout. A gunfight ensues, but the control panel in the sub-station is destroyed and the train cannot be stopped. Virgil shoots the rope which holds Penelope in place and she falls out of the path of the train as it comes hurtling through the tunnel. Alan waits by Thunderbird 2 with Parker, watching the tunnel entrance for their return.

A Night in ParisEdit

After another successful mission, Alan joined Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy Hodge for a drink at the Atalante Restaurant, Paris. Virgil and Gordon had gone on a night out on the town, leaving Alan feeling left out. He soon cheered up when Parker arrived in FAB 1 with a surprise - Tin-Tin!

Terror in New York CityEdit

End of the RoadEdit

Virgil and Alan fly off to South-East Asia to save Eddie Houseman when he is trapped inside the Gray & Houseman Explosives Truck on the edge of the mountain side.

Main article: The Rescue of Eddie Houseman

Day of DisasterEdit

Edge of ImpactEdit

Alan goes with Virgil in Thunderbird 2, to rescue two trapped men in the British Telecom Tower. He operates the Booster Mortar that fires two low-altitude escape harnesses to help them escape the stricken tower.

30 Minutes After NoonEdit

Alan flies off to Spoke City with Virgil aboard Thunderbird 2, when Tom Prescott gets trapped at the bottom of the lift shift. He is rescued using the Dicetylene Cage.

The ImpostorsEdit

Thunderbird 3 to the RescueEdit

Scott and Alan (in Thunderbird 3) were needed to pick up an astronaut who had drifted away from his satellite during a spacewalk. This mission was delayed as International Rescue was currently being hunted after being framed for the theft of important plans, as the Tracy's were concerned about the possibility of being caught if someone detected the Thunderbirds taking off, but Jeff Tracy eventually concluded that they had to try and save the missing astronaut (Aided by the fact that the astronaut's satellite was one of the tracking stations assigned to find them). The true thieves were exposed after Thunderbird 3 had recovered the astronaut but before they had to return to Tracy Island.

The Man From MI.5Edit

Alan is seen jumping into the swimming pool and disturbing Brains' experiment with a model submarine.

Cry WolfEdit

Alan takes the boys on the monorail for a tour of Thunderbird 2's hangar and Thunderbird 3's silo.

Alan Helps to Rescue Bob and TonyEdit

Bob and Tony have been trapped in the old tin mine, by the Hood. Jeff realizes the boys are not crying wolf and that their call for help was genuine. Virgil and Alan race to Charity Springs in Thunderbird 2.

When Thunderbird 2 arrives at he old mine, Alan and Virgil lower themselves on ropes into the mine shaft. They rescue Tony and Bob as the mine crumbles around them.

Danger At Ocean DeepEdit

The Duchess AssignmentEdit

Alan takes no part in the rescue of the Duchess of Royston, he is seen (with Tin-Tin) on the balcony of the Tracy Villa watching Scott and Virgil leaving on the mission.

Attack of the AlligatorsEdit

Communications RepairEdit

After all communications are lost with Thunderbird 5, Virgil takes Alan in Thunderbird 2 to the Communications Mast on Mateo Island, to carry out repairs.

Alan was lowered onto the top of the mast and soon finds that some of the junction plates on the leads from dish number seven had become corroded. Within minutes Alan restored communications between Thunderbird 5 and Jeff on Tracy Island.

Alan the MarksmanEdit

Thunderbird 2 arrives at the River House and Alan and Gordon take up positions to use the tranquillizer guns. After only one fly past the alligators are knocked out.

Alan's Bravery Is Put To The TestEdit

Alan takes his Hoverjet to try and draw the Giant Alligators away. His plan works too well, he crashes and is knocked unconscious. The Alligator closes in, but Gordon shoots it with a tranquilizer dart.

Home And SafeEdit

Gordon shoots the Alligator in the nick of time and the boys return to Tracy Island.

An Early Birthday PresentEdit

Tin-Tin has just arrived back from a shopping trip to the mainland and has missed all he action. However she has brought Alan a present for his birthday which she shows him in the bathroom. It is just what he wanted a pygmy alligator!

The Cham-ChamEdit

While on-board Thunderbird 5, Alan and John listens to the hit tune "Dangerous Game" by The Cass Carnaby Five, on the radio, the broadcast is interrupted by the on-board computers when the LTR-2 sends out a distress call.

Just A Coincidence ?Edit

Alan noticed that 'Dangerous Game' was playing on the radio just before the transporter crashed, they were playing it on Radio Maxwell, and while the other transporters crashed too. He had also had noticed that each time these transporter planes have been attacked, the Cass Carnaby Five have been giving a live performance of their number.

Cable Car RescueEdit

Virgil and Alan Tracy have set out for Paradise Peaks Hotel in Thunderbird 2, just in case Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin need help. This is fortuitous, as Olsen cuts the lines on their cable car as they leave the hotel. The car hurtles down the mountainside with Thunderbird 2 in hot pursuit.

An Evening in ParadiseEdit

After saving the day, Alan gets the chance to spend a romantic evening with Tin-Tin.

Security HazardEdit

Alan takes Chip Morrison into Thunderbird 3's hangar, were he recalls the Sun Probe mission.

Atlantic InfernoEdit

Alan Gets To Pilot Thunderbird OneEdit

With Scott in command, Alan takes off in Thunderbird 1, when a fire breaks out on the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean.

Aboard the SeascapeEdit

After safely landing Thunderbird 1 on the deck of the Seascape, Alan sets up the Mobile Control Centre to over see the rescue, of the men trapped on the seabed.

Alias Mr HackenbackerEdit

Lord Parkers 'OlidayEdit


Give Or Take A MillionEdit

Thunderbirds Are Go (Film)Edit

During the first half of the film, Alan and TB3 were assigned to escort the Zero X on the second leg of its journey to Mars, but he soon found himself confined to Tracy Island after Scott and Virgil got to go to the Swinging Star with Lady Penelope. He then had a surreal dream where he got taken to a replica of the Star in space, where he believed he finally got the same level of reward for duty as Scott and Virgil.

In the second half of the film, Zero X had finally returned from Mars, but an accident with aligning the lifting bodies caused a malfunction in various vital circuits and the spaceship was almost certainly doomed to crash into Craigsville. Virgil, Alan and Gordon were dispatched in TB2 to go and fix the circuitry of Zero X before it crashed. Alan was shot into Zero X's wheelwell and told to rewire the escape pod ejection mechanism.

Thunderbird 6 (Film)Edit

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