A collection of the outfits worn by Alan Tracy.


Protective ClothingEdit

Low Temperature/Chill ProtectionEdit

When Alan was lowered onto the top of the communication mast on Mateo Island to make needed repairs, he wore a yellow suit specially-designed to protect him from the cold. From Attack of the Alligators!

Space SuitEdit

Worn in RicochetEdit

Worn in Thunderbirds Are GoEdit

Casual WearEdit

Leopard Print TopEdit

Alan also wore this top in the episode Attack of the Alligators! and Lord Parker's 'Oliday.

Blue Lumberjack ShirtEdit

Alan also wore this shirt in the episode The Impostors.

Brown ShirtEdit

This may be the outfit Alan wears in his Operation Cover-up portrait (or, if not, one quite similar!).

Brown Waist CoatEdit

Alan also wore this waistcoat in the episode Brink Of Disaster.

Casual Wear TriviaEdit

In the Episodes The Uninvited and The Impostors, before going on board Thunderbird 3, Alan is wearing a brown suit. But when he goes up the elevator in Thunderbird 3, his clothes have been changed to his blue lumberjack shirt.

Formal Dress WearEdit