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This is a list of missions and appearances that Alan Tracy is in.

Ring of Fire Part 1Edit

Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

Space RaceEdit






Heavy MetalEdit

Falling SkiesEdit




Comet ChasersEdit

Designated DriverEdit

Chain Of CommandEdit



Alan and Gordon are left to sit out this mission, the two of them amusing themselves with a pillow fight.

Ghost ShipEdit

When Scott loses contact with John on a simple rescue, he sends Alan out to see what's happened and give assistance. When Alan arrives he doesn't pass up the opportunity to give his older sibling a scare, only to become a little bit of a scaredy-cat himself as they investigate the mysterious happenings on board EDEN.

Deep SearchEdit

On Jupiter's moon Europa Gordon's favourite explorers, Buddy and Ellie Pendergast, are searching for extra terrestrial life. When they start drilling into the ice pressure from geysers cause the ice to crack and they fall into an underground ocean below a ten mile thick layer of ice. Alan -in command- and Gordon blast off to the rescue in Thunderbird 3, with Thunderbird 4 stored abroad and modified with skis, powerful engines and a heat drill to penetrate the ice, which they loses due to strong underwater currents. They find the Pendergasts, who have taken shelter in their rover, but before they leave they detect a life form in the sea. As the escape hole freezes over, Alan begins to regret his decision.


With the help of Captain Lee Taylor, International Rescue need to help a space vehicle - the Helius - transporting colonists to Mars. A proton storm cause a systems malfunction and the ship overshoots Mars and heads straight for the asteroid belt. Thunderbird 3 launches with Alan, Scott and Taylor and a POD to fend off the asteroids. When trying to avoid a large asteroid the Helius is damaged and International Rescue must try and find a way to land the ship on Mars, even though it was only designed to orbit the planet.

Up from the Depths Part 1Edit

A survey vehicle stalls at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, just as it discovers an International Rescue prototype vehicle once flown by Jeff Tracy. Gordon takes Thunderbird 4 down to save the crew however, danger awaits in the form of an old foe.

Up from the Depths Part 2Edit

After the Mechanic's ship flees the scene with the TV-21 Scott chases after it but Thunderbird 1 is unable to grab the enemy ship and suffers damage. The Mechanic then steals a GDF vault containing iridium, with Ned Tedford inside, and sends his ship into space. With two Thunderbirds out of commission Thunderbird 3, with help from MAX, is modified with weapons so that Alan can fight the ship while Scott tries to recover the vault and the TV-21. Meanwhile, Kayo, Lady Penelope and Parker head for Scotland to search for the Mechanic.

Lost KingdomEdit

Alan was seen staying on Tracy Island.


Using a remote controlled rocket booster, Langstrom Fischler tries to bring a comet into Earth's orbit so he can mine it. When the rocket doesn't fire the comet ends up on a collision course with both the Earth and Global One, a GDF space station with Captain Ridley O'Bannon aboard. While Alan and Virgil take Thunderbird 3 up to the comet and find a way to destroy it John and EOS use Thunderbird 5 to help O'Bannon to move Global One out of the comet's path.

Fight or FlightEdit

Alan and Gordon spend the episode doing a supply run and return to the Island with an old crane machine they find at a second hand store.

Power PlayEdit

Alan ships out with Gordon and Virgil in Thunderbird 2 and when Virgil's Gecko pod gets attacked by a scorpion mecha he flies over with Thunderbird 2 and picks the enemy machine off the pod and drops it off the side of the dam. Later he tries to dig a trench to divert the water and gets swept up in the sudden flood along with Virgil and Gordon.

The Man from TB5 Edit

Alan appears at the start of the episode presumably playing a game on a tablet when John tells him he has to go up to Thunderbird 5. When EOS doesn't allow them to take the space elevator, him and Gordon take Thunderbird 3 instead only to find they now need a password to get in. EOS then apologies to both of them at the end of the episode.

Inferno Edit

Virgil is painting Alan, when John tells the two there is a rescue that requires them. They leave on Thunderbird 2, and Virgil goes into the building of flames, so Alan is left in control of the ship. He uses Module 1's equipment to help with the rescue, and also burns some of Thunderbird 2 leaving an unhappy Virgil with a burnt Thunderbird 2.

Home on the Range Edit

When Brains makes new gloves that can stick to walls, the team, including Alan, tests them out. When a rescue situation is found, they head of with the hover jets, with Alan having problems with his. Once the rescue was complete, he returns to the ranch and fights over a chair with Gordon.

Long Haul Edit

Alan launches Thunderbird 3 to save Conrad. With Thunderbird 3's life support connected to keep Conrad alive, Thunderbird 2 is brought into the rescue with modifications.

Brains vs. Brawn Edit

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Chaos Part 1Edit

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Chaos Part 2Edit

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