Alfred is a character from The Perils Of Penelope. He was an attendant on board the monotrain that was going to take Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward to Anderbad.



Thrown From A TrainEdit

Albert insisted that he had told Lady Penelope nothing, but the evil Doctor Godber hit him over the head and threw him off the Monotrain. Gaining consciousness he tried to get to the road near by (to warn them), but collapsed just short of the road as Parker drove past.


  • He is twice referred to by name in the episode, and both times he is called Alfred. However, he is referred to as "Albert" in several reference books.
  • This is the same puppet that played Colonel Harris in Sun Probe, only with an added mustache.
  • Alfred was featured on one of the autographed cards in the series released by Unstoppable Cards, Ltd in 2015.

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