"Bugs in the flowers, Peeping Thomases at the window, pens that send messages. Oh, I need reviving."
— François Lemaire

"Alias Mr. Hackenbacker" is the third episode of Thunderbirds season 2, first broadcast on 16th October 1966.


On its maiden flight, a new airliner called Skythrust becomes the host of a fashion show for a world-renowned designer. Halfway through the trip, the plane is hijacked by rival designers who want to steal the revolutionary new fabric, so Brains reveals some unexpected features of the aircraft that bring the hijackers' plans to a halt.


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  • For subsequent half-hour 'cliffhanger' broadcasts, part one concluded with the white car boarding Skythrust's loading bay.
  • This episode features the biggest number of characters (in speaking roles) in any of the episodes and feature films.
  • Brains's security pass was signed by prop-maker Tony Dunsterville.


  • When discussing champagne, Lady Penelope states how 1993 was the best year for the bubbly drink. However, given the passage of time on our side, it wasn't necessarily a good year at all.
    • That being said, 1993 was a very good year for the Thunderbirds franchise, as it (and other Anderson-related programs) underwent a vigorous resurgence in popularity around the world.
  • When the 1st reporter asks Saville "Have you found an answer with Skythrust?", he is voiced by Jeremy Wilkin. But when he says "Yeah, captain, make a statement." he is voiced by Paul Maxwell.
  • Alan claims not to know who Francois Lemaire is, yet he is somehow able to correct Tin-Tin's mispronunciation of his name.
  • The map used to find the disused airfield in the Sahara Desert, was very old, it still had "French West Africa" on it, a territory that was abolished in 1960.

Foreign TitlesEdit

  • French: Un drôle de nom
  • German: Ein gewisser Mr. Hackenbacker
  • Spanish: Alias Sr. Hackenbacker
  • Italian: La sfilata di moda
  • Dutch: Alias Mr. Hackenbacker
  • Japanese: 恐怖の空中ファッションショー