Ambulances were seen throughout the Thunderbirds series, as part of emergency services and occasionally on their own. The following is a list of types that were seen.

Hover TypeEdit

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Seen at London International Airport in Trapped in the Sky, Edge Of Impact when Red Arrow 1 went out of control, and in Alias Mr. Hackenbacker, first when the D103 Airliner crash-landed, and again later, when Skythrust came in for a crash-landing. It was also seen briefly at the beginning of Terror In New York City at the oil field fire.

Hover Type Variant (1)Edit


A repainted Ambulance (with red trim added to windows) was seen outside the Hospital in Desperate Intruder.

Hover Type Variant (2)Edit


A pair of Hover type ambulances, with blue lights on their roofs were seen at Parola Sands Raceway in Move - And You're Dead.

Citroen Safari Type AmbulanceEdit

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A conventional four wheeled ambulance was seen at Cape Kennedy at the launching of the Sun Probe in Sun Probe and The Perils of Penelope.


The Citroën Safari Type Ambulance was also seen parked in Thunderbird 2's hangar in Terror In New York City.


  • The ambulance is a Citroen DS 'Safari' toy car made by Corgi.

Ford Commercial Transporter / AmbulanceEdit


A Ford Commercial Transporter was seen parked with other rescue vehicles, on the edge of the runway in Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.

Station WagonEdit