The Antlion was an underground tunnelling vehicle built by the Mechanic to use in a successful plan to break The Hood out of Parkmoor Scrubs Prison. It was named so by International Rescue because of its resemblance to an actual antlion, an insect that borrows underground and preys on ants.


Parker and Lady Penelope break into a factory that they suspect the Mechanic is using as a base of operations. They find a massive hole dug into the ground and hear someone calling for help. It is Horse, a plumber who was working in the sub-basement of a building that was above the Antlion's path. It collapsed, leaving him trapped. While Parker, Penelope and later Virgil and Gordon Tracy work to free him, Brains and John discover that the Antlion's course leads straight to Parkmoor Scrubs, where the Hood is imprisoned. Colonel Casey orders her troops to move the Hood to a new location, but they are surprised to see his cell locked from the inside. The Ant lion then emerges from the ground and swallows the Hood's cell whole. The vehicle then dives back underground and retreats the same way it came, chasing Fab 1 which had caught up with them. Annoyed with their interference, the Hood orders the Mechanic, who is piloting the Antlion, to kill Parker and Penelope. He launches Air Mechas who try to eliminate them, but they manage to fend them off. Just as Gordon and Virgil manage to free Horse and get to safety, the Antlion bursts out of the ground, destroying the factory but surrounded by GDF forces. Tired of the Mechanic's repeated failures, the Hood electrocutes him and escapes by disguising himself as a GDF member. When they board the Antlion, they find the Hood and the Mechanic gone and the vehicle about to self-destruct. The GDF forces quickly evacuate just as the Antlion explodes.


The Antlion is gigantic in size and is mainly shaped like a long yellow cylinder with burrowing drills on each end. Inside is the cockpit from which it is piloted via a holographic heads-up display.

Features and AbilitiesEdit

  • Burrowing: The Antlion is designed for underground deployment. It can burrow at tremendous speed, even for its massive size, capable of drilling its way through thick rock, concrete and steel with no difficulty at all.
  • Air Mechas: It can deploy the Mechanic's drones from pods located in the front and back of the vehicle to take out enemies.
  • Self-destruction: As a last resort, the Antlion can blow itself up in a massive explosion, leaving no trace whatsoever.