The art gallery is a location from The Duchess Assignment.

Jeff Tracy is visiting England for the London Air Display, so Lady Penelope takes him to the art gallery to view the Duchess of Royston's painting "Portrait of a Gazelle". Jeff has an idea that Wilbur Dandridge, head of Gazelle Automations, might be interested in buying it.

The PaintingsEdit

The gallery has several paintings on display, including the Duchess's painting.

Lady Penelope Takes Jeff to the Art GalleryEdit

Lady Penelope shows Jeff the Duchess's painting.

Other Visitors At The GalleryEdit

As well at the art gallery's security guard, four other visitors are seen.

  • Art Gallery Guard
  • Woman in grey dress
  • Woman with red hair
  • Man in black suit
  • Man with cap

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?.)Edit


  • The outfit Lady Penelope is wearing was produced for girls by Dekker Toys UK in 1965.

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