Arthur Provis


Date of Birth
10th March, 1925
Date of Death
Unknown, but announced May 17th, 2016

Arthur Provis (March 10th, 1925 - May 2016) was a British writer, producer, director, and camera operator. With a career spanning over four decades, Provis covered a variety of film-related assignments; from naval photography and visual effects to children's programming and commercials, most notably Sara and Hoppity, Heavy Metal, Four Feather Falls, and Space Patrol (alongside Roberta Leigh).


Although Provis was not directly involved in the production of Thunderbirds, his contributions were instrumental in seeing the program become a reality. While working as a cameraman for Polytechnic Films, he struck a close friendship with newcomer Gerry Anderson. This friendship carried on after the studio was shut down, leading the pair to collaborate alongside future Thunderbirds producers Reg Hill, John Read, and Sylvia Thamm to create A.P. Films.

Despite leaving the company in 1959, Provis continued to receive an on-screen credit (as the 'P' in A.P. stood for his surname) up until the first season of Thunderbirds concluded with Security Hazard.

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