A series of large explosions happen in a mountain range,
but it is all alright. The explosions are for clearing up a pass, as a construction crew intends to build a road there. Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward has been invited to personally watch as several vehicles move in to clear up the rubble. A much larger vehicle then heads through the pass, laying down the new road as it moves. The guy in charge of the project, Sir Harry, invites Penelope for some lunch, but she declines, as she wants to go back to her farm in Australia.

Parker picks her up in FAB 1 and the two head off. Penelope has had an idea though, and contacts Jeff Tracy. She says that he has not had a holiday in a long time, and thinks he should come and join her in Australia for a few days. Jeff isn't sure it is such a good idea, as he is needed her to organise their rescues on emergency calls, but his sons insist he should go - they know the procedures and can handle things without him.


Penelope says she expects to see him later this afternoon, and then ends the call. Jeff says his sons must understand he needs to be here, but they shy away. Jeff decides he'll go on holiday, but just for a few days. Everyone thinks that's great, but Jeff says he's still in charge for now. Scott is to take his place whilst he's off, whilst Alan will have to take control of Thunderbird 1 - only very rarely are Thunderbirds 1 and 3 required in the same rescue, so he'll have to take command of whichever one of them is required. He then contacts John to check on things. John has nothing exciting to report, other than the World Navy running some tests in the Atlantic ocean. Later on, Jeff leaves Tracy Island in his VTOL jet. He tells Scott to keep him informed, but Scott says he'll only call of they have a emergency situation. Now that he's in charge, Alan asks what Scott's first order will be. Scott says he'll check in with John on Thunderbird 5. John answers, asking what's wrong. Scott says nothing is wrong.

Out at sea, several Navy ships are out. The Captain of one tells his crew to send out messages to nearby ships, telling them to stay away from this area, and to also contact the Seascape drilling rig. The Seascape crew get the message, and find out there will be several nuclear explosions underwater, but these will pose no threat to them.

The man in charge of the drilling rig, Frank Hooper, gets in contact with the Navy and says he doesn't like the sound of what they've just told them, but the Navy maintain that they are in no danger. The test begins, as a submarine fires two new and highly powerful weapons -gyropedoes. Both are launched at the same time, and one hits a remote control test sub, destroying it.


However, the other missile goes off course. The sub crew try to destroy it, but it fails to respond and ends up crashing into the seabed and exploding. John reports that one of the missiles failed, but there seems to be no danger. He does mention that a guy called Hooper on the Seascape drilling rig is going nuts, using every safety precaution possible. On Seascape, Hooper has his crew do various things to make sure they are safe, such as raising the entire rig up by several feet via its hydraulic legs.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Jeff says he's coming in to land, and Parker answers. He says Penelope is busy counting her sheep, as she thinks one of the 200,007 animals she has is missing. Outside, Penelope counts her sheep, but she thinks maybe the sheep counting device she has is faulty.

Penelope goes inside to greet Jeff, and asks how all his sons are doing. Jeff says he'd better call them to say he has arrived. Penelope tells him he can make this one call, but then he must promise to forget about the island for the rest of his vacation. It is nighttime on Tracy Island, but Scott is still up. Jeff contacts him and says he has arrived, and asks how things are. Scott says everything is fine, and everyone else has gone to bed. Jeff tells him to take it easy and then signs off. Scott contacts John again, but again things seem quiet. The explosion in the Atlantic ocean seems to have stabilized, as the sea has calmed down. Several hours pass, but the Seascape crew are still annoyed with the World Navy. Suddenly there is an explosion, as a large flame appears out of the sea bed and is soon over 200 foot high. To make things worse, it is very close to the rig. Hooper sounds the alarms, and John picks up their communications in Thunderbird 5.

He reports in to Scott. Scott tells him to get in contact with the
Seascape crew and to find out if they are in danger or not. John contacts them, and Hooper explains the situation. He says that the World Navy's missile must have fractured the sea bed. The heat has somehow taken a few hours to penetrate through to the gas field below the ocean floor.

Brains has woken up and finds out what is going on. He says that a further explosion could cause huge tidal waves, but then it might not. Ultimately Scott is calling the shots, so he'll need to decide whether or not they should get involved. At Penelope's farm, there is a new bulletin about the fire, which Jeff hears. Penelope thought he was asleep, but Jeff tells her not to worry. Nobody has been hurt at the rig, and Scott will just keep a check on the situation.

"He'll realise this is not a job for International Rescue."

"This is a job for International Rescue!"

Alan blasts off and heads towards the rig. Scott has Virgil and Gordon take off in Thunderbird 2, carrying pod 4. Thunderbird 4 is hooked up with a sealing device. Alan soon arrives at Seascape, and sets down Thunderbird 1. He contacts base and tells Scott that he has landed.

At the farm, Jeff has been up all night, worried about the rig. He wants to contact Tracy Island, but Penelope comes in and asks him not to, as he knows that Scott and the others will handle it if needed. Jeff gives in and decides not to call them, and instead go to bed. Meanwhile, Thunderbird 2 arrives at the danger zone and drops pod 4. Thunderbird 4 is launched, bringing the sealing device with it. Gordon has the device sink.

Scott contacts Alan, who has set up his mobile control inside Seascape. Alan tells him Gordon is surveying the area. In the water, Gordon passes around the flame, and then gets the sealing device to land right on top of it. The clamps are activated, and dive down into the seabed to keep the device in place.

The compression valves are then activated, which caps the escaping gas and puts out the flame.
With their mission complete, Alan, Virgil and Gordon return to base. Hooper thinks International Rescue have done great, but O'Shea thinks there still may be problems -the seabed still seems to be unstable. Back on Tracy Island, everyone thinks Scott did a great job, and Alan thinks their father should watch out -he could be put out of a job soon.

Jeff then contacts the base, but he isn't happy. He's heard on the news International Rescue capped the fire jet in the Atlantic. Scott says they did, and were successful. Jeff says that isn't the point, International Rescue is not just a lot of machinery for putting out fires. Scott says the fire could have caused a disaster, but Jeff tells him they aren't dealing with chances. He's flying home now. Scott can't believe it, nor can anyone else in the lounge. Penelope asks Jeff if he is really angry. He says he isn't, he is just worried. He did mean every word he said though, including the part about him flying home. Penelope manages to convince him to stay, as Scott will know not to send out International Rescue unless it is a real emergency now.

Penelope contacts Scott and says that Jeff will not be flying back yet, so he's back in command. As Seascape, another fire jet spews out of the sea, and Hooper quickly gets into contact with International Rescue. John reports to Tracy Island that there is another fire jet, in a different location to the previous one. Brains says that to stop this from happening, they will have to have Thunderbird 4 fire strategically placed missiles at the sea bed, hitting key points in the rock which will stop the undersea fire from spreading.

Virgil wants to move out, but Scott says to wait. An alternate plan is to have the Navy evacuate the crew of Seascape, whilst the fire can burn itself out. Scott doesn't want his Dad to go mad at him again, so he decides that this is not a job for International Rescue. On Seascape, O'Shea reports that International Rescue aren't coming, instead, the Navy is sending helijets in to airlift them out, but they won't be here for two hours. Outside, there is another explosion under the sea, creating another flame column.

This creates a large wave, which crashes into one of Seascape's legs. The crew are thrown about, but recover. Hooper and O'Shea decide to check it out, and head down inside a diving sphere to take a look at the damage. Hooper says it looks bad, but O'Shea thinks they may be able to fix it if they get their diving gear and start repair work.

However, another column of flame explodes, causing the rig to slip again. The line to the diving sphere is severed, and the sphere drops to the bottom of the ocean floor. Hooper and O'Shea have survived, and thankfully the impact has not caused and leaks, but they are trapped down there. John leans on what is going on, and tells Scott that they have a real emergency now. Scott sends Alan out in Thunderbird 1, whilst Virgil and Gordon move out in Thunderbird 2.

Meanwhile the Navy have arrived, and send in a couple of helijets to the rig. However the Captain says that whilst they can evacuate most of the crew, they can't get to Hooper and O'Shea with their equipment, only International Rescue stand a chance. Alan is soon on the scene and lands Thunderbird 1 on the unstable Seascape.

Back at the farm,
Penelope asks Parker to turn the radio's volume down, but then there is a news flash. A reporter reveals that the Seascape could collapse, but International Rescue are on the scene. Jeff knows that this time is is a real emergency, and wants to go back home to help. He has his bags packed and says he must go, but Penelope says she is coming with him.

As the jets start to come and go, Virgil drops pod 4 and Thunderbird 4 launches. Alan has his mobile control set up and finds out from Gordon that he is going to have to cut through the guide cables holding the sphere to the support column. Gordon starts to move in, but more debris falls over the sphere. The rig then slips slightly again, and Alan is worried Thunderbird 1 could fall of it. Scott tells him to pack his gear up and take off in Thunderbird 1, he will have to oversee the rest of the operation in the air. Jeff and Penelope are on the way back in Jeff's jet, as Gordon cuts through the cables.

Up above, the last of the Seascape crew are evacuated on a helijet, whilst Alan just about gets Thunderbird 1 launched without it sliding off the rig. Meanwhile, Gordon reports to Alan that he has cut through the last cable and is going to now move the debris.

Seascape begins to collapse, as one of the support legs gives away. Gordon uses Thunderbird 4 to push the large debris off the sphere, and then uses his sub's electro magnets to get the sphere out of the way. Above the water, Seascape's other legs collapse and the whole thing starts to explode


Gordon lifts the sphere up and soon both craft surface. Virgil uses Thunderbird 2's magnetic grabs to life the sphere out of the water, whilst Alan reports in to Scott. He says they've completed the rescue, and the remaining fires can just burn themselves out.

Scott tells everyone to return to base. Jeff arrives first, and asks for permission to land, but Scott refuses it -Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are due back at any moment, so he'll have to wait. Penelope tells Jeff Scott is doing things just as his father would. Later on, when everyone has returned home, Jeff says he is proud of them all. Virgil asks how his father's vacation went. Jeff says he's come home again to get back to work, as he figures it is the only way he can get any rest. He asks for his chair back, and Scott says he can have it - after this, he is the one who needs a vacation!

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