The Atomic Gantry was seen in Terror In New York City. It took ten years to design and another two to build.

It was used to move the Empire State Building in New York City. After tunnelling under the foundations, hydraulic jacks were placed beneath the building. Then the jacks were raised. The next step was to lay a heavy duty track under the building and run it to the new site. Unfortunately, due to underground subsidence, the gantry collapsed taking with it the building, trapping two reporters underneath the rubble.

Cross-section (Cutaway Drawing)Edit

As far as is known, only one cutaway drawing of the Atomic Gantry exist, Illustrated by Graham Bleathman, it appeared in several magazines published by Fleetway.

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Tower empire
  • 1. Built in 1931, the Empire State Building was the world's tallest building until the world Trade Centre exceeded its 1,472 feet height in 1977. It is constructed of sandstone and granite, and has 102 floors, with observation terraces on the 86th and 102nd.
  • 2. Built specially by Universal engineering incorporated, the power unit is operated under-remote control from the nearby site control building.
  • 3. Inspection area monitoring the four building support stanchions.
  • 4. One of the four building support stanchions, designed to maintain the Empire State in an upright position in transit.
  • 5. Internal support structure strengthens the base of the tower during lifting and moving operations.
  • 6. New foundations replace the original and incorporates a heavy duty track and trolley to move the building.
  • 7. Hydraulic jacks - one of four - that, in conjunction with the now dismantled lift gantry, raise the building's basement floors up to ground level.
  • 8. Power system operates track installation under the building and provides power for the transit trolley.
  • 9. Exit from underground work-site.
  • 10. Atomic power plant for hydraulic jacks.
  • 11. Atomic reactor powers turbines in the power unit.
  • 12. Starboard air intake cools reactor and turbines.
  • 13. Main Cahelium-strengthened wheeled drive unit.
  • 14. Starboard turbines.
  • 15. Airbrake and emergency air cooling system.
  • 16. Emergency manual on-board control room.
  • 17. Workforce recreation and eating area.
  • 18. Gray & Houseman Road Construction Vehicle: one of several used to provide temporary roads around the work-site.
  • 19. Site control: Moving operations are conducted from here.
  • 20. Nine-tier observation building: a temporary structure incorporating reception areas for project sponsors and seating for 1,000 people, and erected to coincide with the Empire State's final move to its new site.
  • (21): A Skymaster Heiljet can be seen in the air.