This page is a transcription of Attack of the Alligators!

Part 1

[Cue destruction theme. Title card Attack of the Alligators! is displayed then fades. Scene opens to a dense jungle to show a large alligator resting on a river embankment. In the background, a boat called the Maria with two men on board, passes by. Cuts to an overhead shot of the scene. It is revealed that there are two alligators on the bank. One of them swims into the river. The passenger of the boat, Blackmer and the boatman, Culp, see the alligator.]

Blackmer: "Gee, just take a look at that one!"

[The alligator continues up the river without causing any trouble.]

Blackmer: "Oh, I'd love to take a pot shot at one of these brutes."

Culp: "I wouldn't recommend that, Mr Blackmer. You might stir yourself up a whole heap of trouble..."

[Scene cuts to a riverside frontal view of a large house. Cuts to a window which the housekeeper, Mrs Files is looking out of. She goes to an intercom.]

Mrs Files: "They are arriving, Doctor."

[Scene cuts to basement laboratory.]

Dr Orchard: "Thank you, Mrs Files. Right, McGill, you'd better come with me."

Hector McGill: "Yes, Doctor."

[Scene cuts back to the Maria.]

Blackmer: "Boy, this is some backwater.You sure we haven't come up the wrong creek? I've been in this darn boat for hours. I thought you said you knew this river."

Culp: "Like the back of my hand..."

Blackmer: "How the heck I let myself get talked into coming up this neck of the woods, I'll never know. I-I tell you-"

Culp: "We're there."

Blackmer: "Huh?"

Culp: "We're there."

[The Maria keeps going upstream, then stops at the small quay. Dr Orchard and Hector McGill are waiting.]

Blackmer: "Hi there!"

Dr Orchard: "Mr Blackmer?"

Blackmer: "Right. And you're Orchard?"

Dr Orchard: [Gesturing to Hector McGill.] "This is Hector McGill, my assistant."

Hector McGill: "Pleased to meet you."

Blackmer: "Now, I'd appreciate it, gentlemen, if we could get this business over with as soon as possible. [To Culp.] You er, wait here, huh?"

Culp: "Yeah. I'll wait here, otherwise you'd never be able to get back to the river station, would you?"

Dr Orchard: "Listen Culp. We don't have to take any insolence from you. You get paid to run that boat of yours up this stretch of river and that's it. [He looks up. There are dark clouds approaching overhead.] Huh, looks like we got a storm coming up..."

Blackmer: "OK, I don't wanna get stranded in a storm up this backwater. Let's get this thing over with."

[Scene cuts to the basement laboratory. Camera pans over many glass tubing and bottes containing different coloured, and some smoking, chemicals.]

Dr Orchard: "What we are about to disclose to you, Blackmer, has been shown to no-one outside the four walls of this laboratory."

Blackmer: "Well, let's make it snappy then, huh? Just give me the general picture."

Dr Orchard: "Blackmer, take a look at those plants over there in that cabinet."

[Camera zooms in on a few peculiar potted tropical plants.]

Dr Orchard [O.C.] "You recognise them?"

Blackmer: "Yeah, the river up there's full of weed."

Dr Orchard: "That um... WEED, is the sidonicus americanus, a vey rare plant that grows only in this part of the river. It must be gathered and processed in this laboratory within hours of being picked. Blackmer, it has properties that will astound you."

[Scene cuts to outside the house. Culp is shifting his way through the dense undergrowth until he comes across a grate in the wall of the laboratory. He begins to eavesdrop on the trio's conversation.]

Dr Orchard: [From grate view.] "As you are aware Blackmer, the world is heading for a grave food shortage. [Laboratory.] Now this plant you are holding is going to solve that problem."

Blackmer: [Slightly confused.] "You mean we're going to start eating this?"

Dr Orchard: "Hehehe, er not, er, not quite Mr Blackmer. Take a look at that beaker over there. [Cuts to show a beaker being filled with sea green liquid. Dr Orchard continues talking off-camera.] The processed juices that it is collecting can be used as a additive to the diet of the livestock of the world, and could develop animals that would enlarge our meat output fantastically."

Hector McGill: "It's called Theramine. One or two tiny drops of it could increase the meat output of the Argentine ten-fold. Now you will appreciate the secrecy we have to resort to."

Blackmer: "Yes, indeed. But how are you so sure of this?"

Dr Orchard: "Our experiments have proved it. [To Hector McGill.] Er, McGill, better put the Theramine away for today."

Hector McGill: "Yes Doctor."

Dr Orchard: "Mr Blackmer, step this way."

[Dr Orchard and Blackmer walk off. Hector McGill takes the Theramine and places it on the top shelf of a dark grey cupboard. He walks away. He does not notice Culp, who has seen where the Theramine is placed.]

[Animal keeping room. There are two parellel lines of cages containing rabbits.]

Dr Orchard: [To the rabbits on the right.] "These rabbits were imported from North America last year. They've been fed and cared for with normal diet."

[Camera pans over some of the rabbits which are normally sized.]

Dr Orchard: [To the rabbits on the left.] "Whereas these rabbits here, have been given a minimal dose of theramine."

[Camera pans over some other rabbits which take up nearly all the space in the cage.]

Blackmer: "Well, I'll be.... Say, that's some lettuce you've been feeding them with."

Hector McGill: "These rabbits have been given only one dose of the drug. Otherwise, they've been fed normally."

Dr Orchard: "Well, Mr Blackmer? What do you think of our new discovery? Has it commercial possibilities, would you say?"

Blackmer: "Absolutely! Well, I'm lost for words, Doctor. A most remarkable achievement."

Dr Orchard: "And you, Mr Blackmer, are the first person outside these four walls to be shown these creatures."

[A clap of thunder suddenly booms, causing Culp to look over his shoulder at the darkened clouds. Scene cuts to Tracy Island. Thunderbird 2 has blasted off, with Virgil Tracy in casual clothes but Alan Tracy in full high maintenence gear. Grandma and Jeff Tracy are watching them from down below.]

Grandma Tracy: "It's not going to be dangerous, is it?"

Jeff Tracy: "Of course it's not gonna be dangerous, Mother. There's nothing to worry about. Alan's got an excellent head for hights, and he's just going to fix the aerial mast, that's all."

Grandma Tracy: "Well, there's nothing to worry about."

Jeff Tracy: "That's right."

[They both head back inside. Thunderbird 2 flies towards the other end of the island. Cuts to Thunderbird 2 cabin.]

Virgil Tracy: "How long do you reckon this job will this take, Alan?"

Alan Tracy: "I don't know. Depends what I find when I get up there."

[Thunderbird 2 approaches the mast, which is very tall and quite high up, and Thunderbird 2 hovers above the aerial dishes.]

Virgil Tracy: "All set, Alan?"

Alan Tracy: "F.A.B."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, lowering now."

[Virgil pulls a lever. Alan begins to descend to the mast on a cable.]

Alan Tracy: "Left, left, two degrees."

[He continues to descend.]

Alan Tracy: "Keep it steady, Virgil. Keep it steady."

[Alan finally lands on the platform and releases the cable.]

Alan Tracy: "OK, Virgil, take it away."

[Virgil returns the cable and moves Thunderbird 2 away.]

Virgil Tracy: "OK, father, I've got Alan up there."

[Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "Right, Virgil. I bet it's pretty windy up there."

[Aerial mast. Alan is inspecting the wiring.]

Alan Tracy: "I've located the trouble, father. It's gonna be a cinch."

[Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "Well done, Alan. That was quick. What's the problem?"

[Aerial mast.]

Alan Tracy: "Some of the junction plates on the leads from dish number seven have got corroded, that's all."

[Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "How long will it take you to fix it?"

[Aerial mast.]

Alan Tracy: "No time at all. Tell Virgil to make one trip around the island and I'll be ready for him to pick me up."

[A gust of wind suddenly blows through, nearly knocking Alan off.]

Alan Tracy: "Phew! That was a close one."

[Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "This is where we find out whether the fault is really down here on Earth. This is Jeff Tracy calling Thunderbird 5. Base to Thunderbird 5."

[John's portrait. No response.]

Grandma Tracy: "Oh, dear. That means we're out of touch with John."

Jeff Tracy: "Yes, Mother, our whole organisation is thrown out of action until we can get through to John in the space station."

Grandma Tracy: "I thought you said a moment ago there was nothing to worry about."

Jeff Tracy: "That was quite different, Mother. We were talking about...."

[John's portrait beeps.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, John."

John Tracy: "Gee, Dad, am I glad to be back in touch! What happened?"

Jeff Tracy: "It was corrosion on the junction plates of one of the dishes of the beacon. Alan must just this moment have fixed it. It's certainly good to know we're back in business again."

[Scene cuts to the house on the Ambro River. It is night-time and a thunderstorm blows over the area. Rain pours down in sheets as Mrs Files closes the curtains.]

Mrs Files: "Will that be all, sir?"

Dr Orchard: "Yes, thank you, Mrs Files. You've locked everything up?"

Mrs Files: "I have, and I've put Mr Blackmer's things in the guest bedroom."

Blackmer: "Oh, thanks."

Mrs Files: "Good night, then, gentlemen."

[Mrs Files exits.]

Blackmer: "It's mighty good of you to put me up for the night like this."

Dr Orchard: "Well, you would never have got back to the river station in a storm like this."

Blackmer: "What about the boatman?"

Dr Orchard: "You mean Culp? Mrs Files said she'd fix him up on the couch in the study. Very grudgingly, I may say. Looks to me she knows more about Culp's past than she admits to."

Hector McGill: "They say he was an associate of the previous owner of the house, Lopez. Mrs Files was housekeeper then, too."

Blackmer: "Honestly, I just don't know how you two have stood it so long in this God-forsaken spot. I...." [The lights dim.] "What's going on? Those lights."

Dr Orchard: "It's always happening."

Hector McGill: "Must fix them some time."

[Rather mysteriously, the door swings open as a clap of thunder booms. McGill goes to investigate. He sees Mrs Files at the top of the stairs.]

Hector McGill: "Why, Mrs Files, I thought you'd turned in for the night."

Mrs Files: "I thought perhaps you might be wanting the keys of the laboratory, Mr McGill, before the morning."

Hector McGill: "No, Mrs Files, we shan't be going into the lab tonight. You look after them as usual."

Mrs Files: "Very well, sir. Good night."

Hector McGill: "Good night, Mrs Files."

[Mrs Files goes up to her room and McGill closes the door. Little do they know Culp was hiding behind the grandfather clock and now he knows the location of the laboratory keys. Scene fades out.]

Part 2.

[Scene opens onto the house. Cue Taking a Desperate Chance theme. Cuts to McGill and Blackmer's bedroom. They are sound asleep. Cuts to Dr Orchard's bedroom. The door to his bedroom opens then closes. Scene cuts to Mrs Files bedroom where she too is sound asleep and the door opens as Culp enters. Camera focuses on a bedside table with a set of keys, for the laboratory, and pans to Mrs Files, then pans back when Culp exits and the keys are gone. Scene cuts to laboratory. The lights flick on as Culp enters into view. He goes over to the same cupboard where the Theramine is. He opens it and takes out the beaker containing it. A brief shot of the normal and mutated rabbits before going back to Culp. Looking around for a way to sample it, he spots a phial, takes it and pours a sizeable quantity of the Theramine into it. He puts the beaker down which slips and falls in the sink.]

Culp: "Oh!"

[He simply washes the Theramine down the drain and, thinking craftily, picks up a conical flask containing a similarly colored chemical and pours that back into the beaker, in place of the Theramine. He puts the beaker back in the same cupboard and exits the laboratory, flicking the lights off. He fails to realize that, as the scene cuts to underwater, the Theramine is drained out into the river, and an alligator swims through it the dissolved cloud... Scene then cuts to the next day. Brightly shining after the storm, Blackmer and Culp are preparing to leave at the quay.]

Blackmer: "Well, thanks, Doctor, for the hospitality. I'll be seeing you."

Dr Orchard: "So you don't regret your journey after all, Mr Blackmer?"

Blackmer: "Certainly not. I'm going to get this Theramine on the market as soon as possible. I'll be sending Muller, my top research man, down to see you right away. All right, Culp, let's get going."

Culp: "Yes, sir, Mr Blackmer."

[Culp gets the Maria moving. Scene cuts to basement laboratory. McGill is checking the 'Theramine'.]

Hector McGill: "That's strange. This has been tampered with. This is not Theramine! Mrs Files!"

[Cuts back to the Maria. Culp and Blackmer are slowly trundling down the river. Scene cuts to a river bank behind them, to show a MASSIVE alligator, mutated beyond its natural size, slowly creeping into the water. Cue Desperate Intruder underwater theme. Another alligator roars as it swims back into the water, cue destruction theme. The alligator comes up behind the boat and thumps it.]

Blackmer: "Hey, take it easy, Culp. Quit rocking the boat."

Culp: "It wasn't me, Mr Blackmer."

Blackmer: "What the heck was it, then?"

[The alligator pops its enormous head out of the water.]

Culp: "Aaaah!!"

[Scene cuts to laboratory.]

Dr Orchard: "Mrs Files, I was given to understand that this laboratory was locked up as usual last night."

Mrs Files: "It was locked, sir. As usual."

Hector McGill: "Nevertheless, someone has been in here overnight."

Dr Orchard: "Overnight? Blackmer, Culp... Could they have been in here?"

Hector McGill: "This is terrible. That drug could have horrible consequences if it got into the wrong hands."

[They suddenly hear a sound of a shot being fired. Scene cuts back to the Maria as Blackmer gets a chance to use his rifle and is shooting at the alligator.]


[Blackmer fires again, but the bullets have no effect only angering the alligator. Scene cuts to the houses' front entrance. Orchard, McGill and Mrs Files are observing the danger scene.]

Hector McGill: "Orchard, take a look at that!"

Dr Orchard: "The Theramine has got into the swamp. Those men don't stand a chance!"

[The alligator, having enough, swishes its gigantic tail, tossing water at the two men before it rams the boat and capsizes it, throwing Culp and Blackmer into the river.]

Hector McGill: "Ye Gods, they've been hit!"

Dr Orchard: "Come on! We've got to do something!"

[Scenes cuts back to the river, as the alligator continues to ravage the boat. Blackmer and Culp are seen swimming around underwater. After the alligator swims away, Blackmer appears at the surface.]


Dr Orchard: "Look, one of them is still alive."

Hector McGill: "It looks like Blackmer."

[McGill goes out in his motorboat. Blackmer continues to tread water until McGill arrives, and holds out a fishing rod to Blackmer.]

Hector McGill: "Here, take this, quickly!"

[The alligator that attacked the boat is seen on a bank not far away. McGill is busy helping Blackmer into the boat.]

Dr Orchard: (seeing the alligator) "No! Hurry!"

[The alligator swims to get to them but is unsuccessful as McGill and Blackmer have already reached the house in time. A second giant alligator is seen on a bank. The camera zooms in on Dr Orchard as the alligator roars and clambers into the river and gives chase. Cue Drama on the South East Pass theme. Orchard retreats. Cuts to Mrs Files looking out a window as she sees a THIRD alligator come up. She goes to the door and holds it open. Orchard sprints back, sweating, with the alligator in hot pursuit. He manages to get into the house in time and Mrs Files slams the door shut. The alligator comes upon the house and roams around the entrance.]

Mrs Files: "The others are all right. They got in the side entrance."

Dr Orchard: (Breathing heavily.) "Thank heaven! What about Culp?"

[The alligator growls outside. It slams its tail against the door, then again, and again.]

Dr Orchard: "Where can we go? Those brutes will have the house down in no time."

Mrs Files: "The laboratory, that's the safest place."

[The pair retreat. Cue desert discovery theme as the alligators encircle the house. Scene fades out.]

Part 3.

[Scene fades back in to the house entrance as the alligators roar and fight outside.]


Hector McGill: "We've got to try and get help. I'm going to radio the river station."

Blackmer: "And what the heck are they going to do? Send out the militia? It'd take them hours to get here."

[The alligators continue to make a huge racket.]

Dr Orchard: "Just listen to that! This house isn't going to be able to stand up to this punishment. What are we going to do?"

Mrs Files: (Quietly.) "International Rescue."

Dr Orchard: "What was that?"

Mrs Files: "Send for International Rescue. They will help."

Dr Orchard: "OK, McGill, get on to that radio. Send out a distress call."

Hector McGill: "Yes, sir."

Dr Orchard: "If anyone in this world can get us out of here, it's them."

Hector McGill: "Calling International Rescue. Calling International Rescue."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5.]

Hector McGill: [on monitor] "There's just nothing we can do. There's now three of these monsters attacking the house."

John Tracy: "Giant alligators?!"

[Scene transitions to Tracy Villa Lounge.]

Scott Tracy: "Giant alligators?!"

John Tracy: (on portrait) "It's a lonely spot, far up the river. It might be a tricky spot to land. The terrain sounds treacherous."

Jeff Tracy: "All right, John, tell them we're on our way. Give Scott a direction when he's airborne. Scott, off you go."

Scott Tracy: "Yes, sir."

[Scott exits.]

Jeff Tracy: "What do you make of this, Brains?"

Brains: "Well, we really don't have enough to go on as yet, but it sounds like some kind of freak mutation. Let's hope it's localised."

[Scenes cuts to Thunderbird 1 blasting off and away before going back to Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "It seems that conventional weapons are out of the question, Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "Yes, father. Anyway, if those four people are in the house, we might not be able to get too close to the alligators for selective fire."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, I guess Pod 6 would be the best for this operation."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, father. Come on, Alan. Gordon, let's go."

Alan Tracy: "Right! See you in Thunderbird."

[Thunderbird 2 blasts off again with Virgil, Gordon and Alan in IR uniform. Cuts back to Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "That must be the river station there, at the junction."

Brains: "Yeah. Hmm.... It's pretty swampy terrain. This is gonna be a difficult one."

Jeff Tracy: "I wonder how these people are standing up to the alligators."

[Not too well. Scene cuts back to the house as the alligators continue roaring and thumping their bodies at the house. Orchard is getting anxious.]

Dr Orchard: "Where are they?"

Hector McGill: "International Rescue are on their way, so relax, Doctor."

Dr Orchard: "Relax?! With three giant alligators knocking the house down? Be fair, McGill!"

[An alligators' tail suddenly slams against the side of the laboratory, the shockwave knocking Orchard down.]

Hector McGill: "ORCHARD!"

[The alligators growl and snarl when something else adds to the noise: Thunderbird 1 arriving.]

Mrs Files: "Wait, can you hear something? What's that noise?"

Dr Orchard: "It's them, it's International Rescue."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "Father, I've arrived at the distress area."

Jeff Tracy: (on radio) "How does it look, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "Pretty hazardous, father. Pretty hazardous. There's three massive alligators attacking the house where these people are."

[Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "Think you'll be able to deal with them?"

Scott Tracy: (on radio) "They're sturdy brutes. I don't know how effective our missiles are gonna be. And besides, the house is right in the line of fire."

[Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "This is International Rescue calling McGill. Do you read me?"

Hector McGill: (on radio) "Loud and clear, International Rescue."

Scott Tracy: "Where exactly are you?"


Hector McGill: "We're in the basement laboratory. Do you think you'll get us out in time?"

[Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "I'm gonna try to frighten these reptiles off with a slight diversion."


Hector McGill: "All right, International Rescue. But I don't know how much longer we can hang on."

[Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "Don't worry, my buddies are on their way in another craft. We're gonna get you out of there."

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "All right, Scott, I get it. What about you?"

[Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "I'm gonna try to get clear the area and then somehow get in the house."

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "Right then. Good luck. I'll be over the rescue zone in four and three-quarter minutes."

[Scenes cuts to show Thunderbird 1 landing successfully on a stretch of the swamp not far away. The alligators make more noise and scuffle a little as Scott, with frown expression on, travels to the house on his hover bike. He gets out his radio transmitter.]

Scott Tracy: "McGill, now hear this. I'm nearly at the swamp. Keep everyone well clear of the lab window. I'm going to come into the house that way."


Hector McGill: "I see."

Blackmer: "He's crazy! He'll never do it."

[Scene cuts to outside as Scott stops his hover bike a short distance from the house. He can see the alligators swarming and roaring outside the entrance.]

Scott Tracy: (quietly) "Right, here goes."

[Scott leans slowly forward and presses a button which fires a missile. The missile explodes upon contact with the house entrance, frightening the alligators and forcing them to retreat into the river. The coast clear, Scott moves up on his hover bike and stops outside the laboratory window. The diversion now over, the alligators creep back towards the house again.]

Scott Tracy: (frowning) "Right, first of all, is there no other way out of this house?"

Mrs Files: "There used to be one other way."

Dr Orchard: "What?"

Mrs Files: "The previous owner, Mr Lopez, had a secret landing stage built for emergencies, with an underground passageway from the house."

Dr Orchard: "Where is it then?"

Mrs Files: "Mr Lopez never told me. He told only one other. But he is now dead."

Hector McGill: "You mean Culp?"

Mrs Files: "Yes, Culp."

[They are interrupted by one of the alligators slamming their tail against the window.]

Scott Tracy: "Come on, we've got to get out of here!"

[The group quickly exits the laboratory. The furious reptile continues slamming its tail against the side of the laboratory causing plaster to fall and bottles to smash. It slams its tail again. A chemical explodes and a wooden plank falls down on the table. It slams again and more wood and plaster fall. The alligators swarm around the house, with one successfully decimating one corner of the house, another pokes its head in a doorway, and the other slams its tail against the window of the living room which causes the curtains to fall down. All the while the alligators roar and roar.]

Hector McGill: "They seem to be all round the house now."

Blackmer: "Just listen to that racket!"

Mrs Files: "Look, over there!"

[The bookcase to their right shakes around.]

Hector McGill: "They've got in!"

Scott Tracy: "Right, now stand back."

[Tense music plays as the bookcase shakes more and Scott raises his gun. The bookcase then moves aside, revealing...]

Mrs Files: "CULP!"

[It is indeed Culp, and he is armed. He promptly fires away Scott's gun, leaving him defenseless.]

Hector McGill: (bitterly) "So the alligators didn't get you, after all."

Culp: (Snickers) "A brilliant deduction. No, I used Lopez's secret waterway, but this is no time for explanations. You're gonna do things my way," (He pulls out the phial of the remaining Theramine.) "or else I can cause even more unpleasantness with Dr Orchard's remarkable discovery."

[As the alligators swarm around the house the scene fades out.]

Part 4.

[Cue Thunderbirds on the Way theme as the scene fades into a bird's eye view of Thunderbird 2 arriving at the danger zone.]

Virgil Tracy: "Father, I - I don't get it."

Jeff Tracy: (on radio) "What's wrong, Son?"

Virgil Tracy: "Well, Scott got into the house all right, but for the last few minutes, his line's been dead. I just can't seem to get in contact with him."

[Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "Never mind, Virgil, he's probably got some scheme in hand. How far are you now from the danger zone?"

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "I've arrived." (to Gordon and Alan) "Right, the first thing we've got to do is get those reptiles away from the house."

[The alligators have seemed to have stalled in their rampage as they search the full height of the house for the trapped people. Thunderbird 2 then overflies the house and activates its vertical thrusters, the ensuing steam billowing down repelling the alligators away from the house.]

Alan Tracy: "Good, it seems to be working."

Gordon Tracy: "We'd better stand by with the tranquiliser guns."

[The alligators retreat to the river. The group inside the house is backed up while Culp surveys the scene by the window, Scott's gun in his belt.]

Culp: "They're moving back to the river."

[Cuts to the alligators swimming in the river. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: (to himself) "What the heck is going on in that house?" (to radio)"This is Thunderbird 2 calling Mobile Control. Come in, Scott, do you read me?"

[At the house, Scott hears Virgil and raises his transmitter, but Culp raises his firearm.]

Culp: "You just say one word, International Rescue, and it'll be your last."

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "Come in, Scott, do you read me? Oh, I don't get it!"

Alan Tracy: "OK, Virgil, we're all set! Let's have a crack at these alligators."

Virgil Tracy: (on radio) "F.A.B."

[Thunderbird 2 flies in low. Gordon fires a tranquilizer then so does Alan. Both darts hit one alligator each, successfully neutralizing them.]

Virgil Tracy: "Good shooting, fellas! Let's go back and see how they look."

[Thunderbird 2 flies back around, giving the Tracy's a good view of the reptiles.]

Gordon Tracy: "Good, we've hit these two, all right, but what about the third one?"

Virgil Tracy: "Yeah, it's headed back to the house."

[The third alligator has returned to the house and continues the relentless siege, the swishing of its tail sending more plaster down and rocking another bookcase. Thunderbird 2 lands on the Ambro not far from the house.]

Gordon Tracy: "We just can't use the tranquiliser guns so near the folks in the house."

Alan Tracy: "I've got it! I'll go out in my hoverbike and draw him off."

Virgil Tracy: "No, Alan, you wouldn't stand a chance! The hoverbike cannon would be useless against that baby."

Alan Tracy: "We've got to do something!"

[Alan exits.]

Gordon Tracy: (frowning) "Alan! Come back!"

[The alligator roars more as it rolls around in the rubble. The ensuing force sends the bookcase falling over flat on its face. Scott desperately turns to Culp.]

Scott Tracy: "Look, Culp, in just about two minutes from now that wall is gonna collapse altogether, and you know what will happen. Just let me use the ray gun, maybe I could cripple the reptile."

Culp: (stubbornly adamant) "One move and you're dead!"

[Cue Desperate Intruder helpless theme. Alan has begun venturing to the house on his own hover bike. He soon arrives at the house where the alligator, strangely, has stopped the rampage and is seemingly waiting for him.]

Alan Tracy: "Here, boy. Here, boy!"

[The alligator hesitates, then slowly creeps forward after Alan, with moving faster every time the alligator seems to get too close. He looks behind him. The alligator seems to have stopped.]

Alan Tracy: "Come on. Come and get me."

[This encourages the alligator into crawling after him again. Gordon and Virgil are watching this.]

Virgil Tracy: "It's working. It's working!"

[The alligator continues to tail Alan, who continually moves and checking behind him. He is so focused on the alligator he doesn't see the tree trunk blocking his way as he crashes into it.]

Gordon Tracy: "Alan!"

[Alan is knocked off his bike, hits his head, and falls unconscious just as the alligator roars and closes in for the kill...]

Virgil Tracy: (frowning) "GET IT, GORDON!"

[Gordon quickly aims the gun and fires a tranquilizer, successfully saving Alan and neutralizing the alligator. It screams around in pain. Scene cuts back to house living room.]

Culp: "All right, the coast is clear. Now I'm gonna be first on the market with this little potion. You radio your buddies in that craft over there and tell them I'm coming out now."

Scott Tracy: (raises hand) "No, Culp, it's not safe yet."

Dr Orchard: "We don't know how many more of these monsters there are out there."

Culp: "Look, if you don't do as I say, there's gonna be more of them. Your pals out there just gotta make one move to stop me, and I'll pour this little cocktail into the river."

[An impromptu groan from the alligator outside compels Scott to turn on his transmitter.]

Scott Tracy: "Calling Thunderbird 2, calling...."

Virgil Tracy: (on radio) "Scott! Oh at last, what's up?"

Scott Tracy: "Listen, Virg. There's a guy here pointing a gun at us." (Thunderbird 2, on radio) "He wants you to give him a clear passage from the house."

Virgil Tracy: "Yes?"

[House living room.]

Scott Tracy: "Yeah. Or he threatens to put some more of Dr Orchard's drug into the swamp if you try to stop him. And you know what that means."

Culp: "Thanks, bud."

[Culp exits the house. The group watches him leave.]

[Thunderbird 2.]

Virgil Tracy: "Did you get that, Gordon?"

Gordon Tracy: "I sure did."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, better stand by in Thunderbird 4."

[Thunderbird 2's main body lifts off and flies away, leaving behind Pod 6 on the water. The door lowers and Thunderbird 4 launches into the river, with Gordon manning it. Meanwhile, Culp has taken the motorboat used by McGill earlier and leaves the house. Scott and Dr Orchard watch him leave from the wrecked entrance. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 4.]

Gordon Tracy: (looks outside) "Hey, what's that?"

[A fourth, LARGER alligator swims past. Cue Drama on the South east Pass theme.]

Gordon Tracy (frowning) "Virgil, alligator!"

Virgil Tracy: "Where?!"

[Karma takes its toll as Culp looks behind him and sees the alligator coming up behind him and capsizes the boat. Culp is thrown into the river and screams as he and the boat are ravaged by the alligator.]

Dr Orchard: "The phial! What's happened to the phial?"

Scott Tracy: "I hate to think."

Virgil Tracy: "Firing missile!"

[Virgil pushes a lever. A missile is fired, which kills the alligator.]

Virgil Tracy: "Gordon, we've got to find that phial!"

Gordon Tracy: "I think I saw it!"

Dr Orchard: "If that liquid gets mixed into the river, this nightmare will start all over again."

Scott Tracy: "Virgil, any hope of finding that phial?"

Virgil Tracy: "Gordon's going out to have a look."

Virgil Tracy: "Any signs of it, Gordon?"

Gordon Tracy: "With all this greenery around, it's like looking for.... Hey!"

Virgil Tracy: "Gordon, what's up! What is it?"

Gordon Tracy: "All right, Virgil, no panic. I don't think there'll be any more giant alligators. I've found the phial. It didn't even get scratched."

Jeff Tracy: "You boys certainly did a great job. Blackmer and Orchard have just announced that the drug is gonna go under international control."

Scott Tracy: "Yep, I think that's the best thing for it."

Jeff Tracy: "Wait till Tin-Tin hears about the rescue operation. She got back from her shopping expedition a few minutes before you fellas. Oh, here she is now."

Tin-Tin: "Hello, everyone. How was the rescue? Tell me all about it."

Virgil Tracy: "Yeah, well, there was this house on a swamp, you see, and er...."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, and, er, a couple of scientists there working on a new drug."

Tin-Tin: "Oh, never mind, you can tell me all about it later. Alan?"

Alan Tracy: "Yes, Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "I've got something for you."

Alan Tracy: "Something? For me?"

Tin-Tin: "I know it's not your birthday until tomorrow, but come and see what I've brought back for you. It's in the bathroom."

Alan Tracy: "The bathroom?"

Scott Tracy: "Hey, what do you suppose Tin-Tin wants to show Alan in the bathroom?"

Alan Tracy: "Can I open my eyes yet, Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "Yes, you can open them now."

Tin-Tin: "You always said how nice it would be to have a pet."

Alan Tracy: "A baby alligator."

Tin-Tin: "Oh, no! This one's fully grown. It's a special breed of pygmy alligator."

Alan Tracy: "Tin-Tin, thank you. It's what I've always wanted, a cute little alligator."

Tin-Tin: "Happy Birthday, Alan."

The End