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SAL: "Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo alert! Yo alert! Yo alert! S.A.L. calling Hackmasters Roxette and Tripp. Stand by for mission update. Monitoring this urgent activity from Thunderworld. Report to Hacker Command at once."

Chorus: "Thunderbirds are GO!"

Voiceover: "Turbocharged Thunderbirds!"

[Title card appears:] "Attack of the Alligators"

Sally: "Frightful weather tonight."

Dr Hornyak: "So I hear."

Sally: "If you don't mind, I think I'll retire. I'm not feeling so good."

Culp: "Sleep is a good idea."

Sally: "Especially on a night like this. Gentlemen."

Culp: "A bit on the grumpy side, that one. Is she always so happy?"

Dr Hornyak: "Well, behind those dark storm clouds is a full moon. Makes her downright sassy! Heh-heh-heh!"

Sally: "I heard that!"

Dr Hornyak: "Sorry, dear."

Sally: "Grrrrr!"

Culp: "Well, gentlemen, it is time to get down to business. Tell me, Doctor Hornyak, any progress on that growth serum?"

Dr Hornyak: "Perhaps you should ask me that question in the lab."

Culp: "Tell me, Hornyak, any progress on that growth serum?"

Dr Hornyak: "Funny you ask. Since your last visit, our bunnies have made leaps and bounds! As you know, the world is heading for a grave food shortage. Take a look at that beaker over there. Those processed juices are called TX-2, and could be used as a diet additive for the livestocks of the world. I could develop animals that would enlarge our meat output fantastically."

Andy: "With some minor side-effects...."

Culp: "Side-effects? What kind of side-effects."

Dr Hornyak: "Ha-ha-ha! They can be quite funny. Look closer and see for yourself."

Culp: "They're humongous! Hornyak, have you gone mad!?"

Dr Hornyak: "Mad? No! Don't you realize the work taking place in this laboratory is essential to the future of mankind as we know it? These bunny rabbits are only the beginning of the process that will some day feed the entire world! Is that madness, sir? I think not."

Roxette: "Hey, Tripp, come here, check out my new food replicator!"

SAL: "I don't think he hears you."

Roxette: "Tripp!!"

SAL: "No, still doesn't."

Roxette: "Tripp!!!"

SAL: "Perhaps something a bit more extreme will do."

Roxette: "TRIPP!!!!!!!!!!"

Tripp: "Huh?"

Roxette: "My new food replicator!!!"

Tripp: "Sheesh! I'm right here. What?"

Roxette: "My new food replicator. It can assemble any foods you want. Are you hungry?"

Tripp: "Crisp! How about some pizza?"

Roxette: "Pizza, coming right up."

Tripp: "I think it's still moving."

Roxette: "I haven't exactly gotten the look down yet, but believe me, it'll taste like the real thing."

Tripp: "Hm, you know, this would go great with some entertainment!"

SAL: "Entertainment? Tripp, how about watching some surveillance video from Grid 47, Sector 19? Doctor Hornyak may need some help keeping his experiments top secret. The doctor's pet alligators may not be able to protect him in that big swamp."

Tripp: "Alligators, cool! I bet this would be great with surround sound."

Tripp: "Funny... this fit, two seconds ago."

Culp: "Aren't you worried about someone stealing your secrets, Doctor?"

Dr Hornyak: "Oh, no. You see, the whole place is surrounded by highly-trained attack alligators. We've spent hundreds of thousands of government dollars to train these vicious, ugly beasts. Do you know how long it takes to train an alligator?"

Culp: "I don't know."

Dr Hornyak: "Weeks! Besides, the only people on this island other than me are Sally and Jose the boatsman, both of whom I trust completely."

Culp: "Good! I'd hate to see this TX-2 fall into the wrong hands."

The Hood: "Oh, Atrocimator, I have a spy who tells me they have discovered a new chemical called TX-2, which makes animals grow to great size."

The Atrocimator: "Hmmm.... If I had this chemical, I could rule the world! We must steal this TX-2."

The Hood: "Why is that, Master?"

The Atrocimator: "Tell me, Hood, what do you do every day?"

The Hood: "I try to be as evil as you."

The Atrocimator: "Besides that."

The Hood: "Throw darts at Mister Tracy's picture?"

The Atrocimator: "Besides that!"

The Hood: "Stealing candy from little babies?"

The Atrocimator: "No, you idiot! You eat!"

The Hood: "Yes, I eat."

The Atrocimator: "With TX-2, everytime someone wants a meatball, they must come to me."

The Hood: "Leave it to me, Atrocimator. I have a spy on the scene. He will get you the TX-2, Master."

The Atrocimator: "Hah-hah-hah! Let the Evil begin!"

Jose: "Now is my chance. No-one saw me break in. To get the money, I have to steal the serum for The Hood. I gotta do this right, The Hood is counting on me."

Jose: "I have to get this phial of TX-2! With it, I'll make some really good money! I'll be able to move to a really good place... like Kalamazoo! Once I deliver the TX-2 and get the money, everyone will want to be my friend."

Jose: "Ooh! Ay, chihuahua! Es mi problema! No es buena. Es muy stupido!"

Roxette: "Hey, Tripper, are you feeling OK?"

Tripp: "F.A.B., Rox. Say, could you reduce the volume a bit? I can't seem to reach it."

Jose: "Are you working with the doctor?"

Culp: "Just stick to driving, Jose."

Jose: "Soon, after The Hood pays me for that TX-2, I'll be able to buy and sell this man. This fool thinks he's so important. I'll show him!"

Culp: "I tell you, those alligators give me the creeps. Security is one thing, but this is ridiculous!"

Jose: "The doctor likes to keep them around. It's a big swamp, the gators keep everything safe and sound."

Culp: "If you ask me, it's downright crazy."

Jose: "A big swamp like this can make someone feel small, and totally powerless."

Tripp: "Hey, Rox, I'm starving already, you got anymore of that pizza?"

Roxette: "Tripp, I wouldn't eat that. I think when we miniaturized the amino acid DNA spirals, they had a multiplying defect."

SAL: "Correct, Rox. My data shows that, when you googoofied the amino acids, it did indeed cause the DNA strands to have a miniaturizing effect. And I think you should break it to Tripp."

Roxette: "I hate to tell you this, little buddy, but... you're shrinking!"

Tripp: "Shrinking? What are you talking about!?"

Culp: "Hey, take it easy Jose! Quit rocking the boat."

Jose: "It wasn't me, man."

Culp: "Well, then who... what? What the heck!?"

Jose: "Aeee! Help us! Waagh! Kill it, before it kills us!"

Culp: "I missed! Oh...!"

Dr Hornyak: "You'd better go out and grab them. We don't need another lawsuit around here!"

Andy: "Yes, Doctor. I'll take care of it."

Culp: "Hey! Get me out of here! I can't swim! Blub-blub."

Andy: "Here, grab a hold of me stick."

Andy: "Alright, stop crying, for heaven's sake. I got you."

Dr Hornyak: "If he mentions his lawyer, throw him back!"

Culp: "Phew! That was close!"

Jose: "They're coming after us!"

Andy: "OK, doc. He's all yours."

Dr Hornyak: "Now he's chasing me! Run for it! Sally, open the door! Open the Door!"

Dr Hornyak: "Oh, boy! Yikes! Here he comes. You salivating suitcase! Down, boy! Heel! Heel! Who trained these things? Whoa. Yikes, shut the door, shut the door!

SAL: "Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo alert! Yo alert!"

Roxette: "SAL, what's the scoop?"

SAL: "A secret ingredient in the chemical TX-2 has made the alligators grow really big and agressive, Roxette."

Roxette: "SAL, begin a substance scan on that chemical, and give me a readout, ASAP."

SAL: "There's no time for that, Rox. Contact International Rescue! Those alligators are right outside that house."

Roxette: "SAL, give us a mission update, now."

SAL: "Doctor Hornyak perfects growth serum TX-2. Roxette accidentally discovers shrinking goo. The Hood hires a spy, Jose, to steal the TX-2. Jose spills TX-2 down the drain. The chemical causes the alligators to grow really big and really mean. All of this is of no help to our little buddy Tripp."

Roxette: "Mister T, the alligators have surrounded a house, and there's five people that are trapped inside!"

Jeff Tracy: "Hmmm, sounds like a real mess, Hackmasters."

Roxette: "Mister T, that whole area is full of swamp. You might want to send in Thunderbird 2 with underwater capability."

Jeff Tracy: "F.A.B., Rox. We'll launch Thunderbirds 1 and 2 immediately."

Virgil Tracy: "Come on, Alan, Gordon. Let's go!"

Scott Tracy: "Dad?"

Jeff Tracy: "How does it look, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "I've arrived at the distress area. Pretty hazardous, dad. There's three massive alligators attacking the house where the people are. I'm gonna land for a closer look. I'll have to use my hoverscooter to maneuver over the swamp."

Scott Tracy: "They're too big for my missiles to do much damage. Still, I may be able to frighten them away."

Scott Tracy: "I think it worked. Hackmasters, can you give me a position fix on the people inside the house?"

Roxette: "Activate. My infrared sensors show they are located in an underground laboratory on the south-west corner."

Scott Tracy: "Are there any more alligators approaching?"

Roxette: "My thermal scanner shows... none at all."

Tripp: "Roxette! Alligators are reptiles. You know, cold-blooded? They wouldn't show up on a heat sensor."

Roxette: "Oh! Thanks, little buddy. Switching to visual mode. Just the three alligators, for now."

Scott Tracy: "F.A.B., Roxie. I'm going in."

Tripp: "Hey Rox, are you forgetting about something?"

Roxette: "No, I don't think so. Thunderbird 1's on site, Thunderbird 2 is on its way, communications are normal... that's about it."

Tripp: "Roxette, what about me? I'm disappearing!"

Roxette: "Oh, yeah."

Tripp: "Thank you!"

Scott Tracy: "Come on, we've got to get out of here."

Dr Hornyak: "Just listen to that racket."

Sally: "Look, over there!"

Andy: "The little buggers have gotten in!"

Scott Tracy: "Right, now stand back."

Sally: "Jose?"

Andy: "Jose, you don't have permission to carry a gun."

Jose: "Permission? I don't need no stinking permission. You're gonna do things my way, or else I'm going to make it even worse for you. See this? I've got a phial of your TX-2, man."

Roxette: "Mister Tracy, communications with Scott have gone dead. I don't know what's going on inside that house, but they're down to 20 percent structural integrity."

Jeff Tracy: "Where's Virgil in Thunderbird 2?"

Roxette: "He's arriving now. Let me see if I can get in contact with him. Hackers to Thunderbird 2. What's your status, Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "I've arrived at the danger zone."

Roxette: "Well, Scott's inside, but we don't know what happened."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, first we got to do is get those reptiles away from the house. I'm gonna use my thruster engines."

Jose: "Hey, man! They're moving back to the river!"

Virgil Tracy: "This is Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 1. Come in Scott."

Jose: "Hey, man! You better shut up, you know? You say one word like International Rescue and it'll be your last!"

Scott Tracy: "Jose, that's two words."

Jose: "Oh."

Tripp: "Hey, Rox, what's going on? I can't see a thing."

Roxette: "Well, it doesn't look good. Scott Tracy is still in the house, and it's gonna collapse any minute. We have got to find a way to stop those giant alligators."

Tripp: "Well, you did a good job of shrinking me. Why don't you zap those gators with that blue pizza of yours."

Roxette: "Tripp, that's it! If I could shoot them with darts filled with my food goo, I might be able to reverse the effects of the TX-2."

Tripp: "Get ready, gators! Your pizza will be delivered in 30 seconds or less!"

Roxette: "Hackers to TB 2. Virgil, do you come in?"

Virgil Tracy: "What's cooking, good-looking?"

Roxette: "I'm gonna shoot the gators with my special tranquilizer gun from up here. Keep clear!"

Virgil Tracy: "Hold off for now, Rox. There's one near the house, I'm sending out Alan to lure him away."

Alan Tracy: "Here, boy! Here boy! Come on! Come on, boy! Here, boy! Attaboy! Right over here! Come on! That's it, follow me."

Virgil Tracy: "Hit it, Roxie, now!"

SAL: "Nice shooting, Roxette."

Jose: "Alright, the coast is clear. Now I'm gonna give this stuff to The Hood, and get my money. All you people are crazy!"

Dr Hornyak: "We don't know many of those monsters are out there, Jose."

Jose: "Don't try to stop me, man!"

Jose: "Waagh! Noooooo!"

SAL: "Yo alert! Attention Thunderbird 4. Gordon, it's imperative you retrieve the phial immediately."

Gordon Tracy: "Already on it, SAL!"

Gordon Tracy: "I got it. Good thing I was down here."

Roxette: "Alright! Good grab!"

Tripp: "Hey, Roxy! Down here! Remember me? Have them bring up some of that TX-2 stuff pronto! I need a size boost."

Roxette: "OK, OK. Just cool it, shorty."

Tripp: "Hey, Mister Tracy. Thanks for sending me up the grow-goo. I'm back to full-size."

Jeff Tracy: "It was the least I could do, Tripp. Well, I got to sign off now. Our pizza is here."

The Atrocimator: "You have failed me yet again! How am I ever going to become ruler of the world with bald fools like you working for me?"

The Hood: "I'm sorry master. It won't happen again."

The Atrocimator: "You're right, it won't. I'm busting you to delivery boy. Now go out and get me a pizza!"

The End.