Not to be confused with the character of the same name.
"I have made my reputation by keeping secrets and that includes your uncle, Ms. Kyrano."

Banino is a black market arms dealer who has prior associations with the Hood and other members of the criminal underground. He makes his living by selling stolen good that can be used as potential weapons from profit and has built up his reputation by keeping a lot of his client's secrets.

In Undercover, Banino is trying to sell a stolen a repulsor magnet ray from Houseman Industries to a man he knows as Mr Mendocia (played by Parker) when it turns out that he's been set up by the Global Defence Force.

Banino makes his escape, stealing a GDF Flyer and kidnapping Parker (who is handcuffed to a suitcase full of gold-pressed Lidium) only to take his payment and leaves Parker - who has stolen back the repulsor with a sleight of hand, trapped in the flyer.

He doesn't get very far as Kayo manages to stop him in his tracks, only then does Banino revel a secret about one of his clients to Kayo - the secret that she has been hiding from International Rescue about her ties with the Hood.

Banino is voiced by Massimo Marinoni.