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Herein is a collection of Behind the Scenes shots taken during the filming of Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds Are Go, and Thunderbird 6.

As you may guess, (?) represents an uncertainty - for example, when a crew member is believed to be a particular person, but the editor is not 100% that it is that person (e.g., Alan Berry(?)).

Any help with 'identifying' people in photos would be greatly appreciated, so if you see any question marks in brackets and what have you, feel free to edit the page and name the person / people! This message is particularly for any people who worked for A.P. Films / Century 21 that may stumble across this page (you never know who's reading folks).

Oh, and enjoy what is one of if not the biggest collections of behind-the-scenes photos relating to Thunderbirds and the two feature films!

Trapped in the SkyEdit

City of FireEdit

Sun ProbeEdit

Martian InvasionEdit

Terror in New York CityEdit

End of the RoadEdit

Operation Crash-DiveEdit

The ImpostorsEdit

Danger the Ocean DeepEdit

Lady Penelope ScenesEdit

Thunderbird 6 (film)Edit


Path of DestructionEdit

Alias Mr. HackenbackerEdit

The Perils of PenelopeEdit

The UninvitedEdit

Cry WolfEdit

Thunderbirds ATV Today documentaryEdit

Thunderbirds Are GoEdit

Thunderbird 1Edit

Thunderbird 2Edit

Thunderbird 3Edit

Thunderbird 3 Launch SiloEdit

Thunderbird 4Edit

Thunderbird 5Edit

Tracy IslandEdit

Move - and You're DeadEdit

30 Minutes After NoonEdit

Brink of DisasterEdit

Attack of the AlligatorsEdit

The HoodEdit

The Duchess AssignmentEdit

Atlantic InfernoEdit

The Man From MI.5Edit

Security HazardEdit

The Cham-ChamEdit


Images that can't be tied to a specific episodes etc.

The Production CrewEdit

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