The saboteur is a character from Operation Crash-Dive. He hid in Fireflash 3's wing bay and managed to destroy the plane.

Police authorities in London, after investigating the Fireflash sabotage, found that the international gang, Benton Aircraft Espionage were responsible.


The Sabotage of Fireflash 5Edit

The Fireflash goes into a crash-dive, but Scott has brought along a back-up radio system to keep in contact with Thunderbird 2 and 5. Gordon enters the airliner's starboard wing via a line from Thunderbird 2. There, he finds that the EPU wiring has been cut by a saboteur, working for Benton Aircraft Espionage, who opens fire on him while attempting to escape. However, Gordon shoots him down and manually holds the EPU wiring in place, allowing the Fireflash to gain height and prevent another crash-landing into the sea.