Tank 1

Built by Matthias Gmbh in Bautzin for the Bereznik Army, the Berenova MK III Battle Tank has recently gone into service on the east and west borders of Bereznik. Normally manned by a crew of three, the tanks can be operated by the driver only, as all armament controls are duplicated at the driver's seat. It is capable of travelling up to 80mph, and weighs 320 tonnes.


- Ground-to-ground anti-tank long range attack laser.
- Self-levelling armaglass personnel turret.
- 50mm anti-tank gun.
- Laser-guided multiple attack dome, incorporating wide beam destruct weapon.
- Ground to air laser guided missiles (three on each side).

Power sourceEdit

Cahelium-graphite sealed atomic pile, supplying power to 'Starguard' gas turbine engines.


Bereznik was a rogue nation created for the TV Century 21 comics and story books. The country was never mention in any TV series.

The Battle Tank was printed in "Thunderbirds The Comic" issue number 21.

Cutaway drawingEdit

Tank 2