Bill and terry

Bill (on the left) and Terry (on the right)

Bill and Terry are cockney partners in crime appearing in Designated Driver. Bill is the ginger-bearded one with the woolly hat, while Terry is the trilby-toting blonde. They break into the Creighton-Ward Manor in search for "Treasure" as the more dramatic Terry puts it, and "Valuables", as the slightly more serious Bill puts it.

In Designated DriverEdit

Throwing a bust of Lord Cuthbert through a window of the Creighton-Ward Manor, Bill and Terry enter the manor and ineffectively interrogate Lady Penelope and Great Aunt Sylvia for what is first described as "treasure", then "valuable stuff", then simply "valuables". Whilst Lady Penelope keeps insisting that she isn't that wealthy, Aunt Sylvia casually proves her wrong as she searches for the T.E.A by setting off the revolving bookcase. Bill and Terry follow Sylvia on the other side of the bookcase to find a hidden safe, only to find that it only contains a teapot.

Aunt Sylvia warns Bill and Terry to leave before her husband, Lord Creighton Ward, sends his people after them. Terry gets the impression that this Lord Creighton Ward must be a very rich man, which Sylvia confirms. Bill decides to kidnap Penelope and Sylvia in FAB 1, but he soon finds out he's unable to figure how to drive the car, leading to a brief argument with Terry about the change of plans that is interrupted by Parker and Alan Tracy, whom Bill manages to drive away from.

As Bill struggles with FAB 1, Alan struggles in FAB 0 as he attempts to chase them down, leading to an incredibly slow and awkward car chase around a water fountain that they both decide to keep up anyway. As Terry starts to get dizzy, Bill inadvertently activates flight mode and crashes into the roof of the mansion, causing Terry to start crying. They are eventually saved from plummeting to the ground thanks to the miracle of T.E.A.

After that, the criminal duo are arrested by the Global Defence Force. Terry tells Bill that they should have just taken the treasure, with Bill reminding him that the teapot was the treasure. Terry then remarks that he couldn't tell people in prison that he was arrested for trying to nick a teapot.