"Uh, I'd like a cold one, eh?"

The second lucky winner of the Fly Me To The Sun! sweepstakes, Bobby Lukowski is a simple and honest man who enjoys discussing (and consuming vast quantities of) alcoholic beverages.


Born and raised in the Montreal sector of Canada, Lukowski spent most of his working life ferrying people around town in his trusted taxi. While a stable and fulfilling job in itself, he yearned for a little more adventure in his life, which led him to participating in one of Thunderworld's game shows. Lukowski did well, making it to the final round where he was given the option to pick from at least 3 doors, each containing a hidden prize. Hoping for a trip to The Bahamas, he chose the second door. His guess proved incorrect, and he was rewarded the Sun Probe ticket instead.


  • If Lukowski's voice sounds familar, it should. Dan Castellaneta reused the voice of his arguably best-known character: Homer Simpson.
  • Lukowski's undying affection for Canadian beverage would become ironically prophetic. In 1998, the rights to Thunderbirds were purchased by Seagram, a Canadian beverage company.