Equipment & Vehicles
Boeing 727
Boeing 727
Type: Passenger airliner
Affiliation: World airlines
Appearances: Trapped in the Sky
The Impostors

The Boeing 727 is an airliner that first flew in 1963, making it pretty much "state of the art" when the Thunderbirds TV series was being filmed. It appears briefly in a number of episodes.

Trapped In The SkyEdit

When the Elevator Cars, controlled by Virgil Tracy, were driven down Runway 29 during the Fireflash's first emergency landing attempt, Elevator Car 3 had a fault and drove straight into the starboard side of a Boeing 727 near the tail, causing an explosion and the destruction of them both. The Boeing 727 caught fire and burned.

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • When the first Fireflash emergency landing was originally filmed, the front wire used to help keep Elevator Car 3 stationary on the rolling road broke, and made the model veer off-course. The Supermarionation crew liked this so much they decided to write it into the script.


The ImpostorsEdit

when Lady Penelope arrives at London International Airport a Boeing 727 can been seen taking off.


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