In January 1994, Bohbot Communications Inc. divided into a pair of unique subsidiaries, one of which became Bohbot Entertainment Worldwide. Through this division, Bohbot specifically dealt with the distribution of television programs around the world, along with subsequent licensing and merchandising deals.

Numerous childrens' programs were distributed through Bohbot Entertainment, including Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog (which had been produced through the parent company in 1992/1993), Double Dragon, The Mask: The Animated Series, Street Sharks, Bubsy, Skysurfer Strike Force, plus later shows including Sonic Underground, Mummies Alive!, and Extreme Ghostbusters.

A number of said shows (including Turbocharged Thunderbirds) were broadcast as part of the Amazin' Adventures lineup, which lasted several years.

Ultimately Bohbot Entertainment came to a close in January 2001. After years of financial difficulties and a crippling lawsuit, the division was absorbed into BKN International.

Turbocharged ThunderbirdsEdit

  • Domestic. European, and International Sales Distribution
  • Legal and Business Affairs
  • Program Marketing and Financing


  • While Bohbot was involved in the production of Turbocharged since the beginning, no credit was given at the end of the first episode. The company was miscredited as 'Bobbot' next time around, before finally receiving full (and correct spelling) credit in episode 3.

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