"Dad... I'm scared!"

The Boy in Balloon is an unnamed character from Ring of Fire Part 1. He is the son of a marine biologist, who gets trapped in a hot air balloon in the middle of a thunderstorm. His father's call for help was received by International Rescue, and Thunderbird 2 was sent to save them both.

The boy was terrified whilst on the balloon, though he had it in him to pull his father back in when he almost fell out. Once International Rescue showed up, the boy's fear was gone, only to return again when his dad fell out of the balloon before Virgil could grab him. Thunderbird 2 took a nosedive to catch up, and Virgil saved the boy's father before they could hit the ground.

The boy was voiced by Jay Heyman.


  • He and his father are the very first characters to be seen in the show, and are the first rescue victims to be saved onscreen.