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This is a list of all Brains' appearances and missions.

Trapped In The SkyEdit

Jeff congratulates Brains on inventing International Rescue's craft, and tells him, "your phenomenal mind has made this all possible, now you're going to see it in operation".

Pit Of PerilEdit

Brains flies out to the danger zone in Thunderbird 2 along with Virgil. On Arrival he views the footage of the remote camera on a screen in the laboratory and he realizes that it's an open-cast mine which had been used as a military equipment dump after the Second World War.

He shows Scott and Virgil a plan he has drawn, which involves Virgil being lowered into the pit to lay explosive charges. This will remove the walls of the pit, so that Sidewinder can be dragged out of the open cast mine by Recovery Vehicles.

Sun ProbeEdit

Thunderbird 3, with Alan, Scott and Tin-Tin on board, is launched into space in a attempt to reach the Sun Probe. Alan's first attempt to reach the probe with the safety beam fails and he and Scott realize that Thunderbird 3 must go much closer to the sun than originally planned. This beam succeeds in activating the Probe's retros and enables it to move away from the Sun, but Thunderbird 3's retros now fail. Brains realizes that he can jam Thunderbird 3's safety beam signal with the mobile Transmitter Truck, but this requires a complex calculation by the prototype robot Braman.

Operation Crash DiveEdit

Brains accompanies Virgil and Gordon on board Thunderbird 2, in the hunt for Fireflash 4, after consulting his charts he realized that the plane must be on the seabed. Gordon quickly finds the plane and Brains instructs him to cut off the airliners engines, this will allow the plane to float to the surface so that crew can be rescued.

Move And You're DeadEdit

Brains is taken to the San Miguel Bridge, on board Thunderbird 2. On the way there he works out the best way to rescue Alan and Grandma, who are trapped high on the girders of the recently-completed bridge. Brains controls the Neutralizer Tractor so that Virgil can make the rescue using the Jet-Air Transporter.

Brink Of DisasterEdit

Brains is seen showing Jeff and Scott a design of a new aircraft.

A Trip on A MonotrainEdit

Jeff is accompanied by two of his associates Brains and Tin-Tin on the automatic monotrain that Grafton tries to assure them that there is no danger on, even showing the main automatic control unit, but Jeff and the others aren't convinced, rightly thinking that he cares more about making money than people's lives. Later a thunderstorm strikes down one of the safety helijets that was observing the monotrain and the impact of the fallen jet destroys most of the bridge and cuts off the automatic signals causing the monotrain to go out of control. Grafton panics and can think of no way to prevent this disaster. Jeff calls International Rescue and Brains, after several attempts manages to slow the monotrain down.

Terror In New York CityEdit

When Thunderbird 2 crash lands back on Tracy Island, Brains sets about rebuilding it.

Main article: The Rebuilding of Thunderbird 2

The Plan To Rescue Ned CookEdit

When the Empire State Building comes crashing down, both Ned Cook and his cameraman, Joe, they fall into a deep cavern. The men are trapped with water seeping into their hollow from an uncharted underground river.

This is clearly a job for Thunderbird 4, which could navigate up the river from its outlet in the bay, but first Brains has to find the way into the river, and plan the operation.

Day Of DisasterEdit

Brains is visiting Lady Penelope in England and both witness the disaster at Allington Suspension Bridge taking place on television. They set off for the bridge to help in the rescue of the men trapped on the riverbed.

Main article: Help From a Madman

The Edge Of ImpactEdit

Brains suspects that the Red Arrow 1 was sabotaged and provides Red Arrow 2 with a Diversion Detector.

Desperate IntruderEdit

Brains and Tin-Tin mount an expedition to find treasure in a temple on the bed of Lake Anasta in the Middle East, but the Hood learns of their plans through his psychic link with Kyrano

Main article: Brains go Treasure Hunting

30 Minutes After NoonEdit

Brains goes aboard Thunderbird 5, to service the space monitor.

The Man From MI.5Edit

Brains was conducting an experiment with a toy submarine, in the Tracy Island swimming pool, when Alan dived in and ruined it.


Danger At Ocean DeepEdit

All radio transmissions are blacked out, leaving International Rescue blind and deaf. Alan takes Brains in Thunderbird 3 to join John on Thunderbird 5 to find the fault.

Back on Tracy Island, Brains traces the cause of the interference, the reaction between high-density fuel Liquid Alsterene and low-density OD-60 in close proximity. When these two chemicals are brought even closer together, an almighty explosion is the result.

Attack Of The Alligators!Edit

International Rescue receives a distress call from the Ambro River, were people are trapped in side a Lonely River House. Brains checks the map to find location of the house, and tells Jeff that "he really don't have enough to go on as yet, but it sounds like the Alligators are some kind of freak mutation"

The Cham-ChamEdit

Brains' gets the job of decoding the hit tune Dangerous Game, when transport planes get shot down. He examines the footage of Olsen's computer and identifies the machine as a Cham-Cham Computer.

Security HazardEdit

Atlantic InfernoEdit

Path of DestructionEdit

When the Crablogger goes on a path of destruction, Brains is sent on a mission to stop it, before it crashes into the San Martino Dam

Main article: Crablogger on a Path of Destruction

Alias Mr.HackenbackerEdit

Using the alias Hiram K. Hackenbacker, Brains has designed a revolutionary new airliner, the Skythrust, for Atlantic Airlines.

Main article: Hiram K. Hackenbacker

Lord Parker's 'OlidayEdit

Brains is sent on a mission, when a solar generator is struck by lighting, leaving a town in danger of being destroyed by fire.

Main article: Solar Station (Monte Bianco)


Tin-Tin askes Brains to fix her Portable TV when her favourite pirate-television program goes off the air, thinking the TV is broken...

Main article: Tin-Tin and the Mystery of the Broken TV

Satellite ChaserEdit

O'Shea's call for help is heard coming from the TV. ISC targets KLA as crash-landing on the oil refinery at A'Ben Duh, so Virgil heads for the refinery, planning to shoot down the satellite. But Brains picks up O'Shea's broadcast, indicating the DJ must still be aboard! Thunderbird 2 catches the satellite on its wing, canting it away from the refinery.

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