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This is a list of missions and appearances that Brains is in.

Ring of Fire: Part 1Edit

Ring of Fire: Part 2Edit






Heavy MetalEdit

Falling SkiesEdit


Heist SocietyEdit



Touch and GoEdit



Deep SearchEdit


Up from the Depths: Part 1Edit

Up from the Depths: Part 2Edit

Lost KingdomEdit


High StrungEdit

John detects a high altitude balloon heading straight for the Southern Alps in New Zealand and is unable to contact the pilot. At first everyone suspects that Francois Lemaire is the pilot but when Scott boards the craft he discovers that the pilot is a teenager named Brandon Berrenger, who works for Lemaire. When the balloon crashes on top of a mountain Scott and Brandon have to use Brains' new invention, RAD, to get down.

Weather or NotEdit

When Langstrom Fischler shows off some new weather drones for a group of investors on a control tower, they start malfunctioning and begin to zap anyone and anything in their path. International Rescue arrive and with the help of Brains, Penelope, Parker and Kayo they find a way to make the drones self-destruct before disaster endures - with Fischler failing to impress his investors.

Fight or FlightEdit

Scott, Virgil, and Kayo assist a plummeting cargo zeppelin with a dangerous loading claw and volatile fuel source that could be deadly if it crashes, while Brains is helping John preform yearly maintenance on Thunderbird 5.

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