• Shock Wave.
  • Thunderbirds vol. Two by Egmont Publishing.

Brains is Dead is a Thunderbirds comic strip story. It was first published in TV21 magazine, issues 162 to 169 in 1968, and later on appeared in the Thunderbirds Comic Library book Shock Wave (Ravette Books, 1992). It also appears in Thunderbirds: The Comic Collection published by Egmont Publishing in 2013, as well as in volume 2 of their series of Thunderbirds comics reprints from 2014.

It was drawn by British comics artist Frank Bellamy.


An evil plot beginsEdit

In New York city, Hiram Blake, a famous eye specialist and his assistant Miss Wilshaw have finished the whole day's work and are closing down. Two ruthless men suddenly appear and shoot them.

Brains is Dead 2

Brains' apparent death

The men seem to be interested in Ms. Wilshaw's book of clients and immediately find who they are looking for.

Meanwhile on Tracy Island, Brains is due for an appointment in New York with that same particular eye specialist. Scott Tracy takes him in Thunderbird 1 and waits while Brains takes a Bus to go the rest of the way to Hiram Blake's centre. When he gets there however, the two assassins ambush him.

After hearing Brains' shouts for help in Thunderbird 1 with his secret emergency communicator Scott heads for the centre at once to see his friend strapped to a chair with a string of electrodes. Scott turns on a light switch and there is a sudden electrical flash that supposedly kills Brains.

Brains is Dead 3

Brains being buried in Space

After relaying the sad news to his father, Thunderbirds 2 and 3 arrive in New York and identify Brains' corpse in the city morgue. Aboard Thunderbird 5 they bury him in space, but watching eyes are reporting to a temple in the Malaysian jungle where the evil mastermind is listening in.

A rocket retrieves Brains' drifting coffin and is taken to the temple where the evil mastermind awaits.


Brains is Dead 1

The Hood revealed

The mastermind turns out to be none other than International Rescue's greatest enemy: The Hood, who is overjoyed by the results. He reveals to his men that Brains was not dead, but only in suspended animation. The villain sets to work in bringing Brains back into consciousness by using a special fluid injection which also brainwashes the IR technician into becoming the Hood's slave.

The villain is satisfied that now he has Brains under his control, every secret of International Rescue will be his.

Attack on Tracy IslandEdit

Two days later after the whole Tracy family have mourned Brains' death, there is a sudden attack on the base by two seabourne assault craft. The troops arrive to take complete control and begin their search for all of the IR vehicles.

Virgil Tracy goes off to the hangar where Thunderbird 2 is kept which appears to be the troops' next target. Unfortunately, while Virgil is taking off, the craft is shot by the troops. Although Virgil survives, the machine is left in ruins.

Brains is Dead 4

Thunderbird 3 attacked

The troops focus their attention on their next target: Thunderbird 3. Jeff Tracy and Kyrano arm themselves with heat blasters and prepare themselves for more attacks. Jeff immediately orders Alan Tracy to take off in TB3 before it is destroyed. Scott launches TB1 and attacks the assault crafts while Jeff and Kyrano take out a few attackers to get Alan clear to launch the rocket.

However TB1's missiles are deflected and Jeff and Kyrano are too late to stop TB3 from being destroyed just as it takes off from the roundhouse. Most of the troops get trapped on the cliff face, while the others retreat to their boats.

As they leave a threatening message from the Hood is etched in the sky saying: "First round to me Tracy. Now prepare for the final blow."

A Shocking DiscoveryEdit

Jeff and Kyrano put on jet packs and meet Gordon Tracy and Virgil at TB2's hangar where after using special machinery, they manage to move the pod which contains Thunderbird 4 of the water's edge. The submarine is then launched and sets off to track down the attackers.

Gordon manages to locate the intruders' base by an uncharted coral area. He goes up to surface and climbs ashore, knocking out the lone sentry along the way.

Brains is Dead 5

The two Brains

As he goes inside the base he steps on a pair of large blue framed spectacles that belong to Brains. Utterly confused, the IR aquanaut continues on his way and sees to his amazement two Brains that are sitting down waiting for him.

The second Brains is revealed to be the Hood in disguise. Gordon recognises him at once and is grabbed by two guards. The villain reveals to him that Brains was only in suspended animation and has been brainwashed for his evil purposes. He goes on to say that he now has no use for either of them.

The Hood's men lock their captives in a wire cage that is moved along by rails over a deadly pit of of wooden stakes and snakes. Gordon however finds a weakened piece of wire on the cage and immediately breaks out of the cage just a split second before it falls, taking the still brainwashed Brains with him.

Being pursued by more guards, Gordon (still holding Brains), leaps off the edge of the cliff into the water and swims quickly to TB4 where they swim back to base.

The Hood looks on unconcerned because in three hours Tracy Island will cease to exist.

The Final BattleEdit

Gordon reaches Tracy Island where everyone is pleased and amazed to see Brains alive. They decide to use electronic shock treatment to restore Brains to normal. It works and Brains starts to recover. An earthquake starts shaking the whole house. Scott reports that there is no sign of any attackers, but Tracy Island is slowing starting to sink.

Brains remembers that the Hood is using a special cutting machine to slice away the top of the underwater mountain that Tracy Island is resting upon.

Brains is Dead 6

The Hood defeated

Gordon immediately attacks the Hood's underwater vessel forcing it to surface while Scott completely destroys it. The villain survives and as he reaches the shore, Jeff delivers a savage punch which knocks him out. He asks Brains to remove every piece of information that the Hood has learned about their organisation. After four hours, they successfully erase everything from the villain's mind.

Jeff arranges for the World Government to ship him off the island for trial, but Brains feels that no prison on Earth can hold the Hood for long. Jeff tells him that they'll worry about about that when it comes to them, in the meantime Brains has two Thunderbirds to rebuild and to re-secure the island.