Braman is a robot built by Brains, who appears in three episodes.

Sun ProbeEdit

Braman is being developed by Brains which is being programmed to, among other things, beat Brains at chess. After being loaded on Thunderbird 2 by mistake (in crate number KW147-5), Braman is instrumental in calculating the transmitter frequency needed to save Thunderbird 3 from a collision course with the Sun.

Other AppearancesEdit

Edge of ImpactEdit

Braman is seen in the background when Colonel Tim Casey flies over Tracy Island.

The Cham-ChamEdit

Braman can been seen sitting in the corner of Brain's laboratory while Jeff watches on as Brains tries to crack the Cham-Cham.

Cutaway DrawingEdit

Img131 - Copy

Technical Data:

  • 1. Telescopic computer interface probe (shown extended).
  • 2. Articulated pincers.
  • 3. Telescopic hand extension unit (Sown extended).
  • 4. Remote control radio wave receiver.
  • 5. Lighting units (x2).
  • 6. Sensory interpretation and relay unit.
  • 7. Audio sensors.
  • 8. Electronic eye.
  • 9. Voice box generator and speaker.
  • 10. 360 degrees, Neck joint.
  • 11. Release bolt to remove head and collar section.
  • 12. Main frame computer.
  • 13. Left arm servo motor and ball/socket joint.
  • 14. Atomic power generator.
  • 15. Emergency back up mini generator.
  • 16. Left arm telescopic mechanism.
  • 17. Telescopic laser cutter (shown extended).
  • 18. Left leg servo motor and ball/socket joint.
  • 19. Back view: Power recharge sockets (x 2).
  • 20. Back view: Power pack activation unit.
  • 21. Storage hatch for rescue supplies - One on each leg (first aid kit, mini breathing equipment etc).
  • 22. Hydraulic knee extension mechanism (Shown extended).
  • 23. Outer casing - made of Cahelium extract X.
  • 24. auxiliary storage compartments (one on each leg) containing tools.
  • 25. Electromagnetic sole mechanism.


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