Brian Johnson


Date of Birth
June 29, 1939
Birth Name
Brian R. Johncock

Brian Johnson (born June 29th, 1939) worked as a special effects assistant and special effects director on Thunderbirds season 1.

He gave invaluable help with research for 21st Century Visions, and was interviewed for Mr. Thunderbird: The Gerry Anderson Story and Filmed in Supermarionation. Additionally an interview with Johnson was published in issue 20 of Andersonic.

Johnson was credited under "with thanks to" on all three episodes of Thunderbirds 1965.


  • He was a special effects director on the 'half-hour' of Martian Invasion. By the time the extension footage was being shot, Johnson had departed A.P. Films and Ian Scoones replaced him. Because of this, Johnson was uncredited.
  • He changed his surname to Johnson in the 1960s or 1970s.

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