Brian Smithies


Date of Birth
December 5, 1941
Birth Name
Brian Henry Downing Smithies

Brian Smithies (born December 5th, 1941) is a visual and special effects artist, who has worked on films like GoldenEye (1995), Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001), and Die Another Day (2002). He worked as an uncredited model-maker on Thunderbirds season 1 and 2. Smithies later worked in the model workshop on the feature film Thunderbird 6.


  • At the premiere of Thunderbirds Are Go (film) in December 1966, Brian Smithies instructed some kids on how something as unairworthy as Thunderbird 2 was capable of flight by the use of solar electromagnetic interaction with terrestrial gravity to generate hyperbolic lift chaos particles that were accelerated through the rocket tubes on the underside of the vehicle to generate lift. Derek Meddings knew Smithies had a good line of bull and the latter worked on the principle that if he didn't understand what he was saying, no-one else would.

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