• Just as the villains car goes out of control in the opening sequence, a large lump of greenery can be seen falling out of the sky in the background.

  • When the camera pans over to Lady Penelope's picture in the first scene on Tracy Island, its shadow can be faintly seen looming against the wall.
  • When Selsden says "Boy, this sure is a tough combination to crack.", Malloy's torch begins to smoke; the torch bulb has become so hot that it has started to set the prop alight.

  • When Thunderbird 2 grabs the Monotrain coach (on the bridge) it is still attached to the track, but as soon as it starts to lift we see that the track has mystically been cut (note the burn marks on each end). The broken piece of monorail track above the centre coach is also significantly longer as Virgil sets the coach down on the mountainside.
  • Incidentally, the inland telegram service was withdrawn from the UK in 1982.

A telegram in 2065!

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