Somportex Bubblegum, produced in the Netherlands by Monty Factories, was sold in packets containing collector cards. In 1966 they released their most popular set to date - Thunderbirds. The series was so popular, the Philadelphia chewing gum company in the United States obtained a licence to include the set with their gum.

The back of the wrappers (including the US one) had information on how you could send away 12 wrappers to Lady Penelope to receive a free International Rescue badge.

A second series was released in colour by Somportex, towards the end of 1966, with Monty Fabrieken of Leiden, Netherlands also issuing the set in their own design (with Dutch text). The backs of the wrappers had a send away offer for a Thunderbird key ring.

First Series Wrappers UK ReleaseEdit

First Series Wrappers - USA ReleaseEdit

Second Series - UK ReleaseEdit

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Send Away OffersEdit

The key rings were sent out at random, and it is presumed all 5 craft were available. Very few have turned up for sale, making these very rare items.

The Bubble Gum CardsEdit

The first black and white series can be found here:

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The second series of coloured cards can be found here:

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