"Here in this bleak, inhospitable environment, there is no life.
Or is there? I'm your host, Buddy Pendergast!

Buddy Pendergast is a famous television explorer who is the host of his own show Into The Unknown With Buddy And Ellie with his co-star and film crew wife, Ellie Pendergast.

When filming a show on Jupiter's moon Europa in Deep Search, Buddy and his wife fall through the ice and make it to their submersible, loosing their rover and base camp in the progress. They were prepared to wait weeks for any attempt at rescue and where surprised that International Rescue arrived rather fast to their aid.

Upon rescue, Ellie pick up signs of an unidentified life form and Buddy asks if it's possible to make a small detour to check it out. They discover not just one, but multiple forms of alien life - much to the awe of themselves, Gordon and Alan.

Before they are returned to their own ship that's orbiting the planet, Gordon asks them for an autograph, but is graced with a very special photograph of himself, Alan and his favourite television personalities.



  • Buddy is the only character in the series to have a prosthetic leg, the same type that Olympic athletes wear - As well as Buddy's voice actor, Adam Hills.
  • Into The Unknown With Buddy And Ellie is Gordon Tracy's favourite TV show. He owns all 12 seasons and was excited that a 13th was released, also hoping that both he and Alan are in it.
  • Buddy is considered to be "the greatest natural scientist of their time" by Gordon, although Brains says that he is "not sure he would classify them as scientists".