Cable car

A Cable car was see in The Cham-Cham, and was the means of reaching the Paradise Peaks Hotel from the main car park further down the Swiss mountain.

A Fast Getaway !Edit

Virgil and Alan Tracy have set out for Paradise Peaks Hotel in Thunderbird 2, just in case Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin need help. This is fortuitous, as Olsen cuts the lines on their cable car as they leave the hotel. The car hurtles down the mountainside with Thunderbird 2 in hot pursuit.

Hot PursuitEdit

Thunderbird 2 fires its magnetic grabs to try to latch on to the car. Unfortunately, the grabs fail.

Umbrella to the RescueEdit

Parker climbs out on to the top of the car to attach guide lines from Thunderbird 2, using an umbrella to take hold of the lines. Thunderbird 2's Retros halt the car's descent.

Unconventional ParachuteEdit

Parker slips from the roof as the car comes to a stop. Fortunately, he is able to float safely to the ground using the umbrella as a parachute.

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