Customers Atalante Resteurant outside

Café Atalante is the Paris café where Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and Captain Ashton (Pilot of the Skythrust) had coffee in the episode Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.


Several customers were seen inside and sitting outside the Café.

Customers Sitting OutsideEdit

Cafe Atalante

Other Appearances (Isn't That ?)Edit

Customers Inside the CaféEdit

Several customers were seen seated inside the Café.

Customers Atalante Resteurant
POP 001

Other Appearances (Isn't That ?)Edit


  • The two puppets seen sitting outside the Atalante in Alias Mr. Hackenbacker also appeared together at the press conference in the movie Thunderbirds Are Go, both wearing the same outfits.

He (left) and she (right) in Thunderbirds Are Go