"I've found Blacker. He's dead...shot, five times. I've found some cartridge cases... - Jimmy Bondson"

Captain Blacker is an agent with the British Security Service; and, although a silent character (one with no spoken lines), he's nonetheless a pivotal one - whose murder touches off a chain of events drawing International Rescue into an unusual alliance with one of his fellow agents...

He appears in The Man From MI.5.

A Murder Is Arranged... Edit

Somewhere off the French Riviera, two men - Tidman and Jimmy Bondson, both agents for MI.5 - are just arriving at fellow agent Blacker's yacht for a planned meeting. But the vessel abruptly explodes! Bondson dons diving gear, and descends to find the wreck on the sea-bottom. He also finds Blacker, dead - not from the explosion, but murdered - and someone has stolen the plans of a Nuclear device...



  • He appears to be a TV21 reader: the back page of #32 and front page of #33 can clearly be seen, as criminal Carl is rifling through the cabinet drawer as he searches for the secret plans.