Captain Lee Taylor is a character from Relic and Colony. He is an old friend and former colleague of Jeff Tracy, who assisted International Rescue during its creation. He and Jeff were also part of the team that built Moonbase Shadow Alpha 1, where he chose to remain before and after its use was discontinued.

After a meteor shower threatened the site, Scott and Alan Tracy had to fly to the moon and take Taylor home using Thunderbird 3.


Taylor is a thrill loving, rather eccentric man who loved Shadow Alpha so much, that he stayed behind after it was discontinued. Calling it "Alfie", he managed to single-handedly maintain the site and himself for six months even with all of its mechanical problems, which he would often solve by hitting the delicate machinery whenever he was too impatient.

Taylor instantly recognized Scott upon seeing him, and he remembered the other brothers too, although he forgot all of their names. He was very friendly to Scott, and he had crazed fun blasting meteors and dodging them in the Lunar Transporter with Scott, as it reminded him of the hijinks he had with Jeff. Although perfectly cooperative, Taylor was saddened to leave, thanking Alfie for the memories as he watched it get decimated, but he looked upon the nostalgia with a smile on his face and a positive aura throughout the journey, telling everyone on Tracy Island about it once Thunderbird 3 landed.

Scott decided to write down the names of himself and his siblings to Taylor. He didn't read it.


  • His Lunar Transporter strongly resembles The Lunar Buggy used for the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 Moon Missions. However it has a Jet Engine and Monster Truck Tires.
  • He claims to have built the model of jetpack that Scott uses.
  • Taylor is said to have helped Jeff Tracy when he first started up International Rescue, making him one of the few 'Non-family related' characters to have been involved with the organisation proir to the series beginning. Though not exactly stated what parts of the organisation he assisted with, it is assumed he is a ex-member of the team with Scott making the offer that there is always a place for him with International Rescue in Relic.

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