"You dames slay me! Always thinking about your mugs. OK, go ahead. I got time."

Carl is the leader of a gang of crooks, which comprises himself, Ritter, and another individual known only as the Third Man. The gang sets out to steal certain top-secret papers from Captain Blacker, before he can pass them on to his contact...

Carl - voiced by David Graham - and his criminal cohorts appear in The Man From MI.5.


Stealing the Plans of a Nuclear DeviceEdit

Under cover of darkness, a wetsuited Carl steals aboard a ship anchored in the harbour on the French Riviera. From ambush, he shoots its occupant, Captain Blacker, and then proceeds to hurriedly search through Blacker's desk. Presently he finds what he's after: a cache of secret papers hidden inside a container, disguised as a torch battery.

Returning to the water, he positions a limpet mine on the ship's hull and then makes his escape. Just as another vessel approaches the scene, carrying MI5 agent Bondson, Blacker's yacht abruptly explodes!

Disturbing NewsEdit

Sitting on the deck of his boat as he reads the local newspaper, Carl sees the news that a model, one "Gayle Williams," has arrived on the Riviera - to expose those who blew up Blacker's yacht.


Carl sets off to tell the rest of his gang. Their hideout is a mini-sub, settled on the seabed...

A Model Kidnapping...Edit

Model Gayle Williams, newly-arrived on the French Riviera, is in fact Lady Penelope - she plans to set herself up as a target for the thieves who stole those all-important secret plans. She gives Parker the night off, and settles down to wait, alone, on her luxury yacht FAB 2. It's a short wait: soon after Parker departs, another less-savory type arrives - none other than Carl, who creeps aboard and kidnaps her at gunpoint.

Aboard Carl's launch, captor and captive arrive at his boathouse. With Carl still there, Penelope nonetheless must try to contact Tracy Island for help without raising his suspicions. Using her Compact Communicator and a very specific code, she's able to let Jeff know of Carl's plan - to blow up the boathouse, with her still tied-up inside!



  • In a eye to detail, the logo on Carl's wetsuit "Typhoon" is indeed a manufacturer still going strong today.


  • In a comic photo-story of The Man From MI.5, he is called Karl. The Manual mentions a criminal mastermind with the same name whose actions threatened world peace.


  • The Carl puppet appeared in two other episodes.