Carl is a character from The Man From MI.5. He is the leader of the gang of crooks who steal Captain Blacker's top secret papers.

His voiced was supplied by David Graham.


Stealing the Plans of a Nuclear DeviceEdit

Carl steals aboard a ship anchored in the harbour on the French Riviera, shooting the captain, Blacker, before thoroughly searching his desk and eventually locating the secret papers hidden inside a container, disguised as a torch battery.

He then places a limpet mine on the ship's hull and makes his escape. The ship explodes just as MI5 agent Bondson arrives on the scene.

Disturbing NewsEdit

Sitting on the deck of his boat, Carl reads the news that a "Gayle Williams" has arrived on the French Riviera to expose those who blew up Blacker's yacht.


Carl sets off to tell the rest of the gang, who are hiding at the bottom of the sea in a mini-sub.

The Kidnapping of Lady PenelopeEdit

Lady Penelope sets herself up as a target for the thieves, who stole the plans of a nuclear device. Posing as model Gayle Williams, newly arrived on the French Riviera, she gives Parker the night off so she is alone on FAB 2, her luxury yacht. Shortly after Parker leaves, Carl creeps aboard and kidnaps her at gunpoint.

With Carl still aboard the boat, Lady Penelope had to contact Tracy Island for help without raising suspicion. Using her Compact Communicator, she was able to let Jeff know Carl's plan to blow up the boathouse with her still tied up inside Carl's Launch.



  • In a eye to detail, the logo on Carl's wetsuit "Typhoon" is indeed a manufacturer still going strong today.


  • In a comic photo-story of The Man From MI.5, he is called Karl. The Manual mentions a criminal mastermind with the same name whose actions threatened world peace.

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