Thunderbirds was set during the mid-2060s, but a surprisingly high percentage of cars are seen that were common on roads a hundred years earlier (1965). Most of the vehicles used in the background generally fell into three categories:

  • A. Die-cast metal toys manufactured by Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox.
  • B. Model kits available for sale, such as Airfix, Revel, AMT and Monogram.
  • C. Scratch built models, made in the workshops at the Slough Studio. These were larger-scale or custom designed cars for use in close-up scenes.

This is a list of privately owned cars seen in episodes of Thunderbirds.

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Unidentified ModelsEdit

Inside The Automobile ParkEdit

At least eighteen cars were used in this shot of the Automobile park's stacking system.


London International AirportEdit

Several cars were seen parked at London International Airport, in Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.


General X's CarEdit

Seen parked out side General X's house, in Martian Invasion.

Mi720 car

New York City CarsEdit

In Terror in New York City several unidentified cars (including Police Patrol Cars) were seen in the area of the Empire State Building.


Dave Clayton's CarEdit

Clayton's Car

In the episode Day Of Disaster, Dave Clayton drove an unidentified car, across the bridge.

Erdman Gang's CarEdit

30 min 767

In the episode 30 Minutes After Noon, Dempsey and Kenyon make their getaway in a unidentified type of sports car.

Speed Merchant's CarEdit

In the episode The Impostors, Jeremiah Tuttle overtook the Speed Merchant, while on his way to meet Lady Penelope.


Jimmy Bondson's ConvertibleEdit

In the episode The Man From MI.5, Agent Bondson drives the Forest of Digne in his convertible, to meets Lady Penelope

Bondson's car

Allpets FactoryEdit

Two cars are seen outside the Allpets factory in the episode Danger At Ocean Deep.