Carter Family

In City Of Fire, Joe Carter took his family on a day out to the newly opened Thompson Tower. On arrival at the underground car park, they got completely lost, due to the fact that Joe refused to buy a map. While Joe and Blanche tried to figure which way it was to the underground monorail, (that would take them to the shopping mall), Tommy was getting bored waiting and therefore decided to play hide and seek. He found a great hiding place behind some crates in the Air Conditioning Room. His parents were unaware that a fire had broken out, and as they entered the room Tommy was hiding in, the steel door closed off the area, trapping them in the tunnels.

The doors had been closed by the Thompson Tower Control staff, as the Carter family were out of view of the cameras, while in the room. When they stepped back out into the tunnel, they were seen on the monitors of the Control Tower, but it was too late: they were trapped.

They were rescued in the nick of time by Scott and Virgil Tracy after they had to clear a path with the Firefly, drill down the underground passage in the Mole and then cut through several metal doors with cutting equipment to reach them.

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