This page is a transcription of Child's Play

Voiceover: "Mankind is ever expanding the frontiers of technical superiority into areas unknown and uncharted. Each quest promises marvelous discoveries, but each also brings potential danger. In direct response to the dangers of our advanced technology, we need an organization that is ready to mobilize dramatic survival resources at a moment's notice. Conceptions in rescue that can challenge the impossible. Thunderbirds 2086! The Thunderbirds! Five of the finest cadets in the world, dedicated to the service of mankind, wherever he may be in distress, combined with a dazzling array of vehicles and equipment designed to specifications in the space age technology of the 21st century. A special rescue squad, ready to answer a last-chance distress call. A call that could arrive at any time from any disaster scene on or off this planet. These are the Thunderbirds 2086!"

Kallan James: "This is the International Rescue Organization Arcology, the Earth-based command center for the specialized rescue squad, The Thunderbirds. The Arcology is a vast city complex housed in one building, rising a thousand feet from a square-mile base. We are now entering the main Mission Control Center. Here, men and women work in shifts around the clock, ready to mobilize the vast array of Thunderbird vehicles and equipment, should an emergency arise."

Jimmy: "Yeah, we want to see the Thunderbird machines!"

Beaver: "Yeah!"

Kallan James: "That's just what we're going to do, Jimmy. We've prepared a video to demonstrate—..."

Jimmy: "Boooh!"

Kallan James: "—the primary machines used by International Rescue. If you watch the main screen, you'll see the Thunderbirds in action."

Jimmy: "What a feast(!)"

Fred: "OK, kids, Captain James wants your full attention now. Here we go!"

Kallan James: "This is Thunderbird 1, Flight Command Center for International Rescue. Unlike earlier NASA shuttles, this advanced Space Shuttle is not confined to near-Earth orbital operations. Using the boosters from Thunderbird 2, the capabilities of Thunderbird 1 extend to any part of the Solar System. Thunderbird 1 carries a vast array of rescue aparatus, including Freezer Bombs, used here to freeze a snow mass; Foam Bombs, to extinguish fires; Missile Buoys, to retrieve sinking cargo. Thunderbird 1 also deploys a set of mechanical arms, used here to grab a rogue Shockwave missile. Using its high-output Laser, TB-1 shears off the base, while stowing the dangerous warhead. Thunderbird 2 then trains its Laser, and destroys the potentially damaging target."

Jimmy: "Wow, look! It's Captain Rigel! Captain Rigel, we've just got to see these Thunderbird machines, to join the club, you know?"

Jesse Rigel: "Sorry, boys, but the Docking Bays are Restricted Access now. Why not come back and join the tour group. Thrill to my incredible descriptions!"

Kallan James: "Everyone, this is Captain Jesse Rigel. Captain, this tour group is from the Central Schools."

Jesse Rigel: "Howd-do!"

Jimmy: "We've got to get into those docking bays, or the Tripods will never let us join!"

Kallan James: "I was saying: we're ready, except for Jimmy and Beaver!"

Jesse Rigel: "You shouldn't miss the best part! Ready with the video, Fred?"

Fred: "All set, Captain."

Jesse Rigel: "Well, this is Thunderbird 2, preparing for liftoff. And this fabulous machine is capable of transporting any one of many Pods containing the disaster equipment to just about every type of emergency. Four Rocket Boosters and a Twin Ion Engine Drive give this baby enough thrust to travel at high speed to any danger zone on, or off, this planet. Now, this ship happens to be my primary piloting vehicle, so I know she's fast. Now, Thunderbird 1 links securely onto the docking frames, and the two machines become ready to receive Thunderbird 3, our Mobile Ground Operations Vehicle. TB-3 is also capable of short rocket hops, and like TB-1 is transported by TB-2 to the danger zone. Captain James here will show you some of the other Thunderbirds. So long, kids!"

Kallan James: "Thanks for taking some time out, Jess."

Jesse Rigel: "Well, my pleasure to meet such a fine looking teacher!"

Teacher: "Well... I uh...."

Jimmy: "Forget it, Jess. Ha-ha!"

Jimmy: "Captain, how many Thunderbirds are there?"

Kallan James: "Right now, seventeen. But our Design Lab is constantly working on new models. Let's take a look at some of the major Thunderbirds in use."

Fred: "All set."

Kallan James: "Thunderbird 6 is more of a floating city than a rescue machine. This Space Station serves as International Rescue's Emergency Alert Communications Center, and is constantly monitoring signals from anywhere on Earth or in space. TB-6 houses research centers, laboratories, and support facilities for all the Thunderbird machines. TB-6 is also home to many other Federation groups, like Weather Control Central, and the UN Space Colony Construction Program. In TB-6's Rescue Operations Control Center, scientists and operators constantly man monitoring equipment to pinpoint emergencies, and devise plans to their solution. Here, Thunderbird 4 leaves her docking bay. This advanced submarine is my primary piloting vehicle. With a maximum cruising speed of 60 knots under water, TB-4 is capable of performing rescue operations in places unreachable by any other vehicle, except for Thunderbird 14, which is our deep-sea bathyscaphe."

Jimmy: "Captain James, does every Thunderbird have its own launch bay?"

Kallan James: "At the Arcology, yes."

Beaver: "Where is Thunderbird 1 kept?"

Kallan James: "Thunderbird 1 is kept in Launch Bay 1, on the South Perimeter, Beaver. This is Thunderbird 5. Airlifted aboard Thunderbird 2 to the danger zone, this special ground operations vehicle is used for extremely hazardous emergencies. Employing a Turbo-Drill, TB-5 tunnels straight to the danger zone, in this case, the people trapped by the mountain. Thunderbird 7 is an ultra-light one-man mini aircraft, usually stowed aboard Thunderbird 1. Its high speed and agility make it a versatile craft for specialized rescue operations. This is Thunderbird 9. Controlled by one pilot, this Space Walker is used for precision work in outer space. Thunderbird 10 is an ultra-high speed rocket ship, used to transport a small party to the danger zone at speeds of up to Mach 176. Thunderbird 12 is a multifunctional flat-lift. Equipped with a high-powered shovel and an extending platform, this machine performs daring rescue operations, even at the bottom of a raging river. Thunderbird 13 is our flying mini-sub, stowed aboard Thunderbird 4. This craft has an atmospheric speed of Mach 1, and travels at about 40 knots under water. If we needed to fly to Jupiter, we would go in Thunderbird 14. Using four Trans-light Generators, this giant spaceship can transport all the Thunderbird vehicles at maximum acceleration of 10 G, to a danger zone on the other side of our Solar System. After lunch, we'll tell you what it's like to be a cadet in the Thunderbird training program."

Beaver: "I just want to join the Tripods."

Jimmy: "Big deal! We've been listening to dumb speeches all day!"

Teacher: "Jimmy and Beaver, that's quite enough out of you two boys!"

Jimmy: "Sorry."

Teacher: "That's better. Now, why don't we give the Captain a break and have our lunch."

Kallan James: "Sounds like a great idea."

Teacher: "Everyone stay together now!"

Tannoy: "Launch bay 1, it's 1400 hours, shift change is now in effect. All on-duty personnel, report to your designated post."

Driver: "Hey, Bill."

Bill: "Hm-m."

Jimmy: "Hey, Bill."

Bill: "Huh? Huh??"

Jimmy: "Watch out, will ya."

Beaver: "You're stepping on my ear, pinhead."

Jimmy: "Wow, we made into the launch bay. We've got to get inside TB-1!"

Beaver: "Are you crazy? We've seen the ship. We'll never make it. Hey, did you step in something?"

Jimmy: "The guys won't believe us unless we bring back evidence. Come on, walk this way."

Beaver: "I'm doing the walking here, camel-toes."

Jimmy: "Hold up. We've got to get past those other workers. Keep it steady, and just remember: like a typical techie, just stroll me up the ramp."

Beaver: "Stand by, I'm going to walk forward."

Jimmy: "That worked great, we're inside! We've really got the hang of it!"

Beaver: "Whoa!"

Jimmy: "Are you all right?"

Beaver: "Air! I need air fast!"

Jimmy: "Come on! This is gonna make us into legends! Wow, check out this command console!"

Beaver: "Oh, wow, this is really unbelievable. I can't wait to tell the guys."

Jimmy: "Wow, I can do some mean playing with that joystick! Yay! Space cadet James Williams in flight control seat is too cool for Attitude Control! He's looking for the big Hyperjump, to take him through space and time. Punching in coordinates for the target zone! Watch out for those fighters!"

Beaver: "I don't mean to interrupt you, Star Pilot, but I don't think you should be pushing all those buttons. I mean, you could break something."

Jimmy: "What? Hey, get a load of this! See, I think I've found the on-switch!"

Beaver: "Ooh, someone's gonna see us! Be careful, don't push that!"

Jimmy: "This ship's Remote Launch. Besides, old Star Pilot's gonna fix this baby!"

Beaver: "We can use the uniform as evidence. Come on!"

Jimmy: "One more spin around the block. Uh-oh! I have a really bad feeling about this...."

Launch bay technicians: "Stop him! Stop him!"

Dylan Beyda: "What's happening?"

Warren Simpson: "It's Launch Bay 1. They said someone is trying to steal Thunderbird 1."

Jesse Rigel: "Punching on Console Cameras."

Dylan Beyda: "What the...?"

Jesse Rigel: "It's two kids from that school excursion!"

Warren Simpson: "Control, you must abort the launch!"

Launch controller: "There's no way sir! The computer's locked up!"

Tower controller: "Thunderbird 1 has crashed into the building! Call for Emergency Support! Locking the fire doors!"

First Arcology controller: " All control systems aboard TB-1 have locked. Remote Launch is jammed. The only way we can get into TB-1 is by manually operating the Emergency Override."

Lieutenant Brady: "Lieutenant Brady here, sir. Fire Choppers in position, standing by."

Warren Simpson: "Why aren't the Dilectia internal fire systems operating?"

Second Arcology controller: "The building won't go online for two weeks."

Tower controller: "Explosions causing extensive damage to structural supports! We can't get fire engines near the building! Final construction hasn't cleared the approach roads. Those Fire Choppers have to get in and smother the blaze."

Dylan Beyda: "I'll drop in with a fire suit, try and free up the computer, sir."

Warren Simpson: "Gran, take Thunderbird 3. Open up a lane for those fire engines. Kallan, you'll fly Dylan in aboard Thunderbird 7. Rigel and Jordan, once you walk hold of TB-7, get Thunderbird 2 in and pick up those stranded on the roof."

Jesse Rigel: "Yes, sir!"

Johnathan Jordan: "Yes, sir!"

Fire Chief: "All right, men. Thunderbird 3 will clear a way in through the parking lot to the south face. Here she comes now!"

Gran Hanson: "Attention, all Fire Captains. This is Captain Gran Hanson. I'm coming in with Thunderbird 12. Stay in formation. Thunderbirds, what's your status?"

Jesse Rigel: "This is Thunderbird 2, we're in position."

Kallan James: "This is Thunderbird 7 on Target Ship."

Warren Simpson: "Captain Hanson will stand by on the construction elevator. The fire is spreading. We've got to get to those kids fast."

Kallan James: "Thunderbird 7, going in. Hang on, Dylan."

Johnathan Jordan: "This is Thunderbird 2. Everyone, move quickly into the Rescue Pod. Do not run."

Fire Chief: "This is the Fire Chief. Stand aside, lads. Thunderbird 7 is coming in!"

Kallan James: "Roger that copy, Fire Chief. Opening bay door... closing on target."

Dylan Beyda: "Put me in close. Swing me towards the tail."

Kallan James: "Watch that first step, it's a killer."

Dylan Beyda: "OK, I'm ready. Begin your move."

Kallan James: "Here we go."

Dylan Beyda: "Steady... one more. I'm in there!"

Fire Chief: "Come on, lads, get those hoses back in."

Dylan Beyda: "I'm inside this inferno. The blaze is fierce. There's equipment still exploding all around me. I'm gonna try for the Control Panel."

Jimmy: "Hey, we're in here! Quit hanging around! Waah!"

Dylan Beyda: "I've spotted the kids. They're shook up, but seem all right. If I could ease along the wing, I can get to the Emergency Airlock Control.... Aaargh!"

Kallan James: "Come in, Dylan. Are you all right?"

Dylan Beyda: "I'm OK, but this welding equipment's exploding like bomb shells. I'm right in the middle of it."

Gran Hanson: "Can you get to the Emergency Control, Dylan? Come in!"

Dylan Beyda: "I'll try, but my fire suit is damaged. These heat waves are intense. Almost there... ah. The heat has welded the panel shut."

Gran Hanson: "Dylan, come in. Do you copy?"

Warren Simpson: "Hold those Fire Choppers, Brady!"

Lieutenant Brady: "We can't wait much longer. The superstructure is weakening."

Warren Simpson: "Stand by for my signal. Captain Hanson, pull Dylan out of there fast. We've got only minutes before that structure starts to collapse."

Kallan James: "On top of Thunderbird 1!"

Jesse Rigel: "Sir, we'll have to grab TB-1 with the Mechanical Arms."

Warren Simpson: "Too risky! You won't be able to maneuver with that weight. TB-1's computer controls will have to be activated manually. Stand by with towing cables to guide Thunderbird 1 out."

Kallan James: "They're bright kids, I think we can talk them through the computer sequence, Commander."

Warren Simpson: "Dylan and those kids don't have much time, so move it!"

Gran Hanson: "I've made it! Dylan, buddy! You OK?"

Warren Simpson: "Captain Beyda, are you all right?"

Dylan Beyda: "I will be. Let's get those kids out of there! Jimmy, Beaver, can you hear me? This is Captain Dylan Beyda."

Jimmy: "Yeah, get us out!"

Dylan Beyda: "You'll be out soon."

Warren Simpson: "Dylan, get them to punch in that computer."

Jimmy: "Please come back and get us out. We'll be late for class and everything."

Dylan Beyda: "Listen carefully. You'll have to punch in a code sequence to free up the computer."

Jimmy: "Will I need to push more buttons, after what's just happened?"

Dylan Beyda: "You can do it, Jimmy. Now climb into the control seat."

Jimmy: "No, no, we can't do anything in here, get us out!"

Gran Hanson: "Just do what the Captain says. Pretend you're playing a game."

Dylan Beyda: "Jimmy, you've got to help us!"

Gran Hanson: "Thunderbird 2 is our only hope. Time's running out."

Warren Simpson: "Run a home check on the boys' parents, and get one here immediately."

Third Arcology controller: "I'm on it, Commander. Control, track down any of the kid's parents, and send a shuttle to pick them up right away."

Dylan Beyda: "Boys, there's someone here to speak to you."

Jimmy: "Oh, no! It's the aliens!"

Mrs. Williams: "Oh, Jimmy! How could you do such a thing? Your father and me [inaudible]. We're so embarrassed! What will I tell the neighbours? What will the neighbours tell us? Oh! You get home right this instance, or you won't be able to sit down for a week!"

Jimmy: "I'm sorry. I was aiming for Saturn."

Beaver's mother: "Come, Beaver, old kid, let's see some of that old team spirit, old kid. Old punk."

Jimmy: "All right, we're ready. He can do it."

Dylan Beyda: "Good move, Jimmy. Now, get into the control seat, and look at the console. That's it. The Reverse Thruster Release is on the right of the control seat."

Beaver: "Ouch! It's too hot! I can't touch the console, everything is too hot!"

Dylan Beyda: "Take off your shirt, and use it to wrap around the thruster handle. Come on! Then, when I tell you, pull the handle till it locks in first position. Lieutenant Brady, throw on some foam bombs. Thunderbird 1 is going to blast free."

Lieutenant Brady: "Right-o, Captain. We're ready to drop a full load. Get ready, men. I want flights two and three down with me. Let's get that ship right out. Fire!"

Beaver's mother: "Old punk!"

Mrs. Williams: "Jimmy!"

Dylan Beyda: "Jesse, stand by!"

Jesse Rigel: "We're ready, Dylan."

Johnathan Jordan: "There's not much chance of the mechanical arm holding that weight, but they're standing by."

Jesse Rigel: "OK, I'm going in. OK, Dylan. It's now or never."

Dylan Beyda: "Steady, boys. Here's the sequence."

Jimmy: "I think I can, I think I can!"

Dylan Beyda: "On the control console, you'll see a series of bright buttons. Push the blue one."

Jimmy: "All right, this is easy."

Dylan Beyda: "Beaver, pull the lever."

Jesse Rigel: "We have ignition, we're taking her out."

Dylan Beyda: "Jimmy, engage the computer by pushing the red button."

Lieutenant Brady: "OK, men, this is it. Let's put out that fire! [Inaudible] firing!"

Jesse Rigel: "Good shooting, Lieutenant. You're right on target. Hold her steady, cause these thrusters won't last. Punch in remote computers."

Kallan James: "Systems online and operating. I punched in a homing sequence. Thunderbird 1 will have a real smooth landing."

Warren Simpson: "Well, ladies, I'm afraid there are certain matters of damage and liability that must be discussed."

Dylan Beyda: "I sweated that one."

Jesse Rigel: "Cables detached. Looks good."

Johnathan Jordan: "Think the little tikes learned a lesson from all this?"

Jesse Rigel: "Yeah, sure. How about a cheeseburger, good buddy? I'm buying."

Johnathan Jordan: "Far out, man!"


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