To celebrate the 2002 festive season, TechTV held a special televised event. Starting from 7am, a menagerie of classic Thunderbirds episodes were bundled together into a single massive Christmas Day Marathon, which ran concurrent throughout the rest of the holiday.



"Keep them out of bright light, don’t get them wet, and never, ever feed them after midnight!"

Arguably the marathon's greatest legacy came in the form of a commercial which never aired. Taking place within a house, a trio of 12-inch talking figures from the 2000 toyline were strung up (though dislocated at the shoulders for more articulation) similar to their puppet counterparts, and set about causing Christmas-related hijinks, such as hiding in presents and stockings, or stealing cookies left out for Santa. The commercial ended with a short animation of Thunderbird 2 soaring through the snowy night with help from a group of flying reindeer.


  • The commercial's director, Jaan Shenberger, made a cameo attempting to (unsuccessfully) frighten off the pesky figures with a broom.

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